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Football fans across the world have been spoiled with countless hours of gaming since the World Cup kicked off in late November.

During the group stage, there were up to four games a day, and even when we reached the round of 16 the action didn’t stop, with two games a day keeping football fans like Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé engrossed. he led his teams to the quarterfinals.

However, as the teams prepare for the next stage, we will see our first day without games since the start of the tournament, but why the sudden pause now?

Jugo Mobile details why there’s a break in the game and what the rest of the World Cup schedule will look like from here.

Are there World Cup matches today?

There will be no World Cup matches on Wednesday, December 7th, which is the first day without tournament action since the opening game on November 20th.

It was a grueling schedule for the teams, with short breaks between the three group stage matches and the resulting knockout match, with the hot Qatari climate further depleting players’ energy reserves.

Non-match days allow teams more time to recover for their next game and ensure players are not overworked or injured, especially as the tournament is in the midst of an already packed club season.

Why are there no World Cup games today?

There are no World Cup matches today to ensure teams have a proper rest period ahead of crucial quarter-final matches. This is especially pertinent for Argentina and the Netherlands, who had just three days between their last group stage match and their Round of 16 clashes; the break means they have six days between their last game and their delightful quarter-final clash with each other.

It also allows teams that have had their Round of 16 matches over the last few days more time to recover and prepare for their upcoming matches.

The break is especially important as there was no break between the end of the group stage and the start of the round of 16, as happened at previous World Cups.

After the two-day break, the quarterfinals will take place on Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of December. Then the semi-finals will be played on 12 and 13 December, before the World Cup final on Sunday 18 December.

World Cup Match Schedule

Below is the remaining World Cup schedule in full:

Date Touch Time (ET) Stadium
Friday, December 9 QF1: Croatia against Brazil 10 a.m. Education City
Friday, December 9 QF2: Netherlands against Argentina 14:00 lusail
Saturday, December 10th QF3: 1F/2E vs. 1H/2G 10 a.m. Al Thumama
Saturday, December 10th QF4: England against France 14:00 Al Bayt

World Cup semifinals

Date Touch Time (ET) Stadium
Tuesday, December 13th QF2 x QF1 14:00 lusail
Wednesday, December 14th QF4 x QF3 14:00 Al Bayt

3rd place in the World Cup

Date Touch Time (ET) Stadium
Saturday, December 17th semifinal losers 10 a.m. Khalifa International

world cup final

Date Touch Time (ET) Stadium
sunday, december 18 semifinal winners 10 a.m. lusail

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