Artifact is a social app from the creators of Instagram

Is there room in the market for another social app? The co-founders of Instagram say they do and just unveiled the app artifactthat stands out from TikTok or Facebook, but isn’t necessarily something brand new.

New TikTok, Twitter or would you prefer an RSS reader?

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger left Facebook in 2018. However, they have not abandoned the subject they specialize in and have started a new company to develop next-gen social apps.

Granted, it sounds interesting, but in a market dominated by Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, can you create something interesting that will attract users? As I mentioned before, Kevin and Mike are convinced of that.

Of course, another Instagram or TikTok clone would be rather boring and not worth mentioning. Luckily, the featured Artifact application is something else entirely. We are dealing with a personalized information channel that uses artificial intelligence to provide content tailored to the interests of the user. In addition, it should also offer the possibility to comment on articles with friends and other features.

Probably, after reading the description above, many of you noticed that similar functions can already be found … in RSS readers, as well as in the Google News application that tries to discard articles related to our interests. In case of artifact more emphasis should be placed on social functions. Some are calling the new app “TikTok for text.”

(Source: The Edge)

It should also be noted that many people use Twitter as a place to follow current events and various news services, as well as comment on posts with links to articles. Did the co-founders also try to meet Twitter users? Possibly yes.

Artifact displayed on the home page a channel with articles from selected, selected publishers. We both like big players The New York Times if The edge, but also small blogs on niche topics. The user can select articles and topics that interest him from the available list and then he will get similar content.

We have yet to learn that one of the main features of the application will be a feed containing articles shared by other users that we follow, and the option to send and receive messages will be available – it is intended to be used to discuss read articles. Both solutions are currently in the beta testing phase.

Interesting idea but…

Of course, the chances are slim artifact will replicate the success of the biggest players in the social applications market. Firstly, it does not fit into the current trends with photos and short videos, which allow you to quickly pick up new content, and also require almost no user involvement.

However, it is possible that the Instagram co-founders’ new product will find an interested audience who want more social features in RSS readers or who are not satisfied with the recently introduced changes to Twitter.

As he says The edge, People interested in reviewing the application artifact, must now register for the waiting list. Both Android smartphone owners and iPhone owners can do this. Unfortunately, registration is currently only available to people with US phone numbers.

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