Artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising agencies

Demetrio Teodorov is a futurist and strategist – his professional and personal purpose is to build the future in the present, studying new behaviors and emerging technologies. In recent years, he has worked on consumer behavior studies (CX and UX), future trends and projects focused on mobility, consumer experiences, new retail, digital banking, the future of work, fashion, artificial intelligence and food technology.

Innovation Executive at Kyvo (innovation platform) – with transitions to Riachuelo and Midway, Alelo, Ultragaz, BASF, BRF (Sadia, Perdigão and Qualy) and PwC – where he worked on global R&D and digital projects.

After studying at Disney Institute, INSEAD, Perestroika, CESAR School, Hyper Island, Harvard, MIT and Singularity, he focused his thoughts on the concept of exponentiality.

In December 2016, he implanted an NFC chip – in his right hand – to test device interaction. Today, he studies the future of food (cultured meat), platforms, digital products and artificial intelligence to support corporate strategies.

“AI is an invisible tool that, as we develop automation processes and strategies, enters our lives without us realizing it. It is worth remembering that the government of São Paulo used artificial intelligence at the time of Covid-19 to map the area through geolocation and know the spread of contamination.

I believe that the digital marketing environment that includes planning within agencies still does not fully explore the topic, but in the technical part of programming, it is certainly an element of platforms, targets and martech (agencies and digital marketing companies that apply in their routines technological resources and concepts of digital transformation ).

AI begins to form part of more technical intellectual capital at the beginning of action, and then becomes part of planning and creative life. All our lives use AI: today, from financial investment proposals to movie proposals on digital platforms, we are dealing with artificial intelligence algorithms. It’s something that’s exponentially invisibly but powerfully, and it’s very clear that it’s starting to be part of the technology before it integrates marketing teams and teams.”

Rod Hurtado is the visionary creative director and partner at XCAVE – a creative production studio focused on real-time 3D animation, VFX, XR and generative content using AI and real-time technologies.

Known for his approach to innovation, his disruptive ideas have revolutionized the way we think about content creation and have been adopted by brands and companies in the advertising, entertainment and gaming industries worldwide, ushering in an exciting new era of generative, immersive and interactive delivery of customized content in multiple media for different audiences around the world.

“AI comes with a driving force that enhances and expands our creative potential, accelerates our experimentation process, and we can use it very early in the process, even when we want to discover things and test different approaches. Rapid prototyping and tailor-made review, for a world that demands more and more speed, dynamism and fluidity from us. As this evolves, we can integrate more advanced algorithmic models that can help us materialize initial designs and concepts, be it image, video or audio content, to immersive experiences, games, etc.

Not only are we reinventing the way we create, but we must also consider that we are reinventing the way we produce, and this forces us to rethink how we create and who we create for. Up until that point, all creative effort was focused on finding a great solution, a film that speaks to different audiences, a single visual piece that speaks to a whole range of target consumers. How can we move on now, we have to think again that we should not have only one end of the process, one film, one play. Especially if we integrate AI into creative processes integrated with manufacturing, we can finally think about unlimited scope and customization.

Either way, we’ve entered the era of generative marketing, and it’s changing practically everything we know.”

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