Artificial intelligence created my portrait. The future is now, man

If you haven’t noticed it in yourself yet, wait. The Internet has been flooded with portraits generated by the Lens application’s artificial intelligence. I decided to try it myself. Here are the results and my observations.

Lensa is an internet hit, and with the new feature, everyone wants to try it

To be honest, when I first heard about Lens, I was under the impression that it was just another app loved by active Instagram users. Editing photos, applying dozens of filters to them, all with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

It is this last element – i.e. AI – that differentiates Lens in the Apple AppStore and Google Play stores. A new feature of the app allows you to make a portrait of yourself. And not just any kind, because it was made by artificial intelligence! So I decided to check it out.

How does the AI ​​portrait lens work?

Lensa generates a portrait based on photos selected by the user. There must be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20. All selected and uploaded photos are deleted from the server after 24 hours.

The more photos you select for lens analysis, the more accurate your portrait will be. It is worth using selfies taken in different positions, lighting conditions and without the presence of additional people in the frame.

Just “drawing” a portrait forces the app to learn facial features. The works created by artificial intelligence are not reworked versions of those chosen by the user, but completely recreated graphics.

This means that the software, immediately after “learning” the user’s face, creates a selected number of portraits based on the collected knowledge. And good. This is what half the internet lives with right now. What is it about and will Lensa be able to make my portrait? I checked.

A portrait created with an artificial intelligence lens in practice

Lensa creates absolutely brilliant portraits. The artificial intelligence handled it perfectly in my case, and I admit it – I uploaded a few photos for analysis that might force a little more “thinking” about artificial intelligence. Check out the effects below (photos in the standard version are 1024 x 1024 px, you need to buy a subscription for 4K):

Although there are small rendering errors on individual photos, their number is minimal and likely the result of incorrect photos being analyzed. However, I can recognize them in practically every portrait and no one I showed the graphics to had a problem with it.

Lens portraits of artificial intelligence

The only downside to the lens? Price:

  • PLN 23.99 for the cheapest package that includes 50 portraits (5 graphics in 10 different styles);
  • PLN 34.99 (100 portraits, 10 graphics in 10 styles);
  • PLN 44.99 (200 portraits, 20 graphics in 10 styles).

As for entertainment, which we will actually only use to brag to our friends on Facebook or Instagram – it is quite expensive.

A few words about the additional functions of the lens

Additional functions may be the wrong word, because advanced photo editing is actually the main function. Nevertheless, Lensa is excellent it will work for all people who often edit their photos on social networks.

The application’s interface primarily draws attention to the effects, art styles and filters applied to photos. It’s not a tool that can be directly compared to mobile Lightroom, but it’s worth installing if you can’t imagine your life without Instagram.

LensesLensesLensesThe lens is excellent at separating the object in the foreground from the background. And it worked perfectly to change the color of my hair

Artificial intelligence is also used when styling selected photos. The application copes perfectly with clipping the background and brilliantly recognizes individual elements on the face (lips, eyes, hair).

As you can see in the photo below – anyone interested can check with almost 100% accuracy how they will look, for example, with green hair. Lensa instantly recognizes the area you want to edit and leaves no unwanted “dirt” in the background.

Is it worth buying Lens portraits?

From the very beginning, I approached portraits generated by artificial intelligence rather uncertainly. I was afraid that the algorithm might encounter difficulties during the analysis, and as a result the portraits would turn out to be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen – and even by uploading imperfect photos – Lensa can handle them. But is it worth opting for the most popular photo package for less than PLN 35? In my opinion – no. The price of 24 PLN is already enoughto save a few of your best portraits for future use in the so-called social networks.

Lensa is available for iOS and Android

Download Lens in the AppStoreLens on Google Play

The only explanation for choosing more expensive options is that having a presence on social platforms is part of your job – and you like to stand out. Anyway – The lens is worth checking out and see for yourself how artificial intelligence works today.

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