Artificial intelligence itself creates a popular series.

GPT-3 is a representative of artificial intelligence that has been creating a series under the promising name Nothing, Forever for several weeks. Where to watch and is it worth it?

The GPT-3 bot has been successfully generating a regular series in real time for several weeks now. Nothing, Forever it is broadcast 24 hours a day and gathers an audience of several thousand to whom it serves endless doses of emotions for free. Should Netflix writers look for other jobs?

What is Nothig, Forever?

Nothing, Forever is a series, more precisely a video stream, which was created by artificial intelligence for several weeks. The originator and guardian of the concept is the studio Mismatched media. The bot is responsible for the action, dialogues and surreal graphics Open AI GPT-3.

Due to constant broadcasting Nothing, Forever it’s more than a sitcom. GPT-3 creates it in real time, but it is not completely fresh. The used animation technique is deceptively reminiscent of the best times of Minecraft, and the action is inspired by the television show The Seinfeld Chronicles. In short, it was a less successful version of the series Friends, and the original can only be handled by artificial intelligence and a handful of loyal fans.

GPT-3 tries not to deviate from this standard in its production, which complicates the 24-hour broadcasting format. Level maintenance is not always successful. Despite this, Nothing, forever can provide an exciting experience. Here is an example of a masterpiece:

Why does Nothing, Forever not work?

Nothing, Forever it was shared on the Twitch platform, and fans streamed it on YouTube channels as well. The fate of the hero of this production was followed by several thousand observers. On February 6 of this year, however, GPT-3’s joyous creativity was blocked. Nothing, Forever violated the Twitch Community Guidelines.

The details are not clear. Perhaps artificial intelligence is too literally inspired by crude humor in 1990. Thirty years ago, jokes about skin color, disability and sexual orientation were tolerated. GPT-3 didn’t specifically dump them, but by using the pattern, maybe he didn’t see that by making a parody of a parody, he should spare people the whole truth about them.

Where to watch Nothing, Forever?

If the injury is not serious, z Nothing, Forever will be back in action in a few hours. Twitch could also remove the content entirely or impose a 30-day ban. Availability check Nothing, Forever you can use the button below:

Use at your own risk.

In the meantime, we are left with memories from the beginning of the production that were saved by YouTubers:

Start the video

Content that can be edited due to the brutal policy of the Twitch platform.

Source: Twitch, Mismatch Media, YouTube

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