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Artist uses driftwood to create stunning sculptures that make us feel the breath of nature / Unbelievable

When we encounter bark or fallen branches, we tend to simply ignore them and leave them where they are. But artist Debra Bernier sees raw material in what most people consider to be discards. From there, he uses all his talents and pieces of wood to create spectacular sculptures. Next, we see the true face of the spirit of nature in beautiful examples of how human qualities can be combined with 100% natural materials.

Debra has a special style that cannot be compared to others

There is nothing magical about these works, just creativity. Debra is from Victoria, the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia. There he finds fragments of wood to create pieces marked by sensitivity. Through his hands, the faces of sleeping women are born, which seem to wake up.

All the details are carved from different angles, as the artist shapes the sculptures himself to fit the natural contours of the material.

The artist has a special vision of nature

When Debra finds twigs, bark, and tree bark, she doesn’t see them as inanimate objects. He says, “When I work with logs, I never start with a blank canvas. every part of the tree it is already a sculpturecreated by the caresses of waves and winds”.

The visual artist is inspired by the love he feels for children, animals and nature in general. “When finished, the pieces reflect not only my life, my family and my children, but the eternal and sacred connection we all have with nature,” he asserts.

Debra has a love for this type of art in her blood.

The artist has been passionate about nature since childhood. And he is happy and grateful to share his love and art with a legion of admirers.

Debra reveals, “The little girl in me is still in love with the shapes of the tree, the sun shining on the water, the smooth gray stones and the salty sea water. Simplicity makes me happier than complexity. And I love sharing it with others.”

Debra teaches an important lesson about love

Each of Debra’s log sculptures tells a different story. The picture raises questions about beauty, motherhood and fertility. While admiring the works, you can take in opposite emotions, such as joy and sadness. The artist’s work is developed to show that nature is already art in itself and that the purpose of humanity is to be at peace, in harmony with nature.

So the next time you come across a fallen leaf, broken branch or tree bark along the way, it might be worth a closer look. There, in front of your eyes, can be art.

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