As many as 18 million Poles will appreciate the Huawei Watch D smart watch

Huawei has officially announced the launch in Poland of the Huawei Watch D, the long-awaited smartwatch with pressure measurement function. And without any fake, in a way that everyone knows, that is, with the help of a tourniquet. In this case, the wrist.

A smartwatch that measures blood pressure? You have probably heard of such devices, but in the ranking of the best smart watches, this function has not yet been recognized as important. Why?

There are straps, there are watches on the market that do something similar, but it’s done using optoelectronic sensors. The same sensor that measures heart rate and other related body parameters is also used to measure blood pressure. However, techniques based on this solution (PAT, PTT) are not as effective (although they can be useful to some extent) as oscillometric measurement, i.e. using an inflatable band. And this is where the smartwatch comes into play Huawei Watch D.

The Huawei Watch D with a built-in blood pressure monitor with a micropump is the first smart watch of this type to receive an EU certificate, and soon there will be a Polish

Huawei Watch D, that is, pressure measurement and ECG real

It looks like a bulky version of the Huawei Watch Fit, ie. strap with a rectangular display. However, it differs from it, as well as from the classic Watchy with a round case. He does the same, ie. measures pulse, stress, analyzes activity, allows you to make phone calls via Bluetooth, but can also measure pressure with a tourniquet. The latter activity cannot be performed by other smartwatches available in Poland.

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To achieve this goal, i.e. oscillometric automatic pressure measurement, Huawei had to equip the watch with a very comfortable strap that allows a wide range of adjustment of the clasp, as well as add a material inflatable band to it, which is located on the inside of the strap. As Huawei claims, the whole thing is waterproof, but for comfort it’s recommended to wait with the band until it dries.

Huawei Watch D, a good smart watch for millions of Polish men and women. We have it too

The Huawei Watch D is now in our hands and we will check how the pressure measurement function works in practice. It is worth noting that monitoring this parameter of our body’s functioning is very important at all ages. The first measurements have already been made on small children, but for obvious reasons (band size), the Huawei Watch D is intended for older users. In Poland, according to research, 11 million people have hypertension, i.e. pressure higher than considered optimal. This pressure varies with age, but is usually said to be 120/80 mmHg (systolic – SYS / diastolic – DIA).

Huawei Watch D

In addition, 7 million Polish men and women have so-called normal high blood pressure, which also requires precise monitoring. And it’s about monitoring, tracking potential changes (even before they start to be significantly dangerous to health), which should then be further studied in such a smart watch as the Huawei Watch D.

Huawei Watch D is to help us measure pressure and increase the convenience of monitoring this parameter of the functioning of the human body. People who need to monitor blood pressure frequently should, thanks to such a watch, minimize the number of measurements for checking with upper arm blood pressure devices, which are inconvenient to transport and use daily.

Because, despite the medical certificate, the wrist pressure measurement is in no way binding. This also applies to stand-alone wrist blood pressure monitors. Only measuring the arm, where the tape has a very large contact area with the body, is completely reliable.

Huawei Watch D specification

  • Display: AMOLED 1.64 inches / 456 x 280 pixels / touch screen
  • envelope: polymer fiber, dimensions 51 x 38 x 13.6 mm, weight 40.9 grams
  • a dedicated HEALTH button to activate health-related features
  • Strap: fluoroelastomer band, 316L stainless steel butterfly clasp + compression strap
  • strap size: width 30mm, adjustable to wrist circumference from 130mm to 200mm
  • resistance to moisture, pollution: IP 68
  • battery: 451 mAh, up to 7 days of operation, wireless charging
  • memory: built-in 32 GB
  • sensors: 6-axis motion, temperature, lighting, pressure difference, heart rate (8 PD sensors coated with PVD nano-optical film), GPS positioning, Hall sensor
  • communication: NFC, Bluetooth 5.1
  • activity analysis: over 70 sports modes, exercise recognition, habit suggestion (Huawei Zdrowe Życie)
  • measured functional parameters of the body: heart rate and its changes over time, blood saturation (Huawei TruSeen 5.0+), ECG, pressure (Huawei TruBP), skin temperature
  • analyzed functional parameters of the body: stress (Huawei TruRelax), sleep quality (Huawei TruSleep), sports activity
  • pressure measurement accuracy: +/- 3 mmHg (measurement resolution 0.01 mmHg)
  • certificates: European medical device certificate for pressure and blood measurement, Polish certificate will probably be available before the watch is available for sale
  • in the set: watch, strap and elastic band in two sizes, lap, charger

When and at what price will the Huawei Watch D hit stores?

Huawei Watch D sale starts soon. You will certainly be able to think of it as a practical gift for a family member. As for the price, we already know the European one (proposed €399), which translates to PLN 1,921 (exchange rate on October 14). This is less than the €460 previously expected.

And will you be satisfied with the price of Poland? Although we can’t give it away yet, you’re sure to love it.

Source: Huawei, info. own

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