ASMR channels are booming, but YouTube wants to try harder

ASMR is a popular method of sound stimulation, distributed by many channels on the YouTube platform. It turns out that some of the content may be in violation of the website’s “sexually gratifying content” policy.

Purring a kitten straight into the brain center, which is ASMR

ASMR is an abbreviation for English Autonomic sensory response of the meridian, i.e. the spontaneous response of sensory meridians. It is a pleasant tingling sensation in the shoulder, neck, head and spine caused by external visual, tactile, olfactory or auditory stimuli. It is the latter that are used in YouTube videos recorded with sensitive microphones. These materials are played by many people from all over the world, putting on headphones, closing their eyes and cutting off their problems. Stimulating sounds can range from combing hair, stroking leather goods, tapping nails on wood, the sound of shoes being cleaned or the sound of scissors working in a hair salon, to whispering kind words in the ear.

The ASMR niche is huge and there are about 500,000 of them on YouTube alone. channels dealing with this topic, which contain about 25 million videos. The hashtag #asmr has attracted 460 million views on TikTok. Within this vast collection of themes, you can find a subgenre called “sensual ASMR,” which includes sets of sounds with sexual overtones. These include the sounds of licking, kissing or performing an oil body massage. Such feelings are aimed at the viewer. who in addition to relaxation is looking for ASMR is also excitement and stimulation that triggers sexual fantasy, and here YouTube stuck to its rules.

Erotic ASMR breaks the rules

This September’s announcement of a change to YouTube’s Terms of Service policy is starting to pay off as many creators in the area have already received notices of the necessary age restriction to access their videos.

[YouTube] strengthened policies to better identify and act more accurately on potentially sexually gratifying ASMR content […] ASMR videos with sexual sounds may be age-restricted or removed from the platform.

Sensual ASMR videos on YouTube undoubtedly have an element of kink, but like almost anything, kink can be amplified. If we were to remove anything with any erotic overtones from the platform, the video base would shrink dramatically. Not to mention most movies or entertainment shows. Therefore, many creators feel that the service should not treat their content in this way. Another thing is that the mild content on the YouTube channel can be just a billboard and an invitation to a place where a certain author publishes more difficult materials than ASMR itself, for example, to a profile on OnlyFans (you can see what OnlyFans is here). The platform’s regulations do not allow the publication of links to web content that violates its own guidelines.

It doesn’t help that ASMR videos are often treated as a fetish, and the platform clearly interprets this as sexual content. At the moment, the position of such a performance is subject to debate, but we should not expect it to end simply and unambiguously, because the creators of ASMR are based on the art of suggestion and will never admit that their content can be exclusively sexual, because this can result in the banning of the video and by deleting the account. On the other hand, if the platform imposes severe restrictions on this content, the authors of these spicier videos can always move to places that are more dedicated to seeking sexual gratification (or are already there). Google is making sure the platform remains age-friendly, as we saw recently when YouTube blocked Pornhub’s official account.

Source: wikipedia, theverge

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