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AstrHori 40mm f / 5.6 – cheap lens for Fujifilm GFX

Does anyone install budget optics on mid-range cameras? AstroHori lens manufacturer certainly hopes so by offering a not-too-bright 32mm equivalent for around PLN 1,500.

AstrHori 40mm f / 5.6 is the idea of ​​a budget wide-angle for Fujifilm’s medium-sized cameras, which, due to its dimensions, may interest users of the GFX50R model – together with it, you can create a really small street kit. As for other applications, we doubt the justification for mounting this type of optics on medium-sized cameras, but who knows – maybe this cheap prime will turn out to be quite good optically.

The lens offers Equivalent to 32 mm focal length to the entire frame and is built on top 7 lenses in 5 groups. The manufacturer does not mention any special elements, so they are probably not expected. We get too 5 blade membranewhich hardly gives us a nice bokeh background, but which makes the points of light in the images look like 10-point stars after a stronger shutter.

The lens is fully manualwhich means manual focus and no communication with the camera. However, the manufacturer promises that the focusing ring enables precise and comfortable sharpening. With the help of the glass, you can focus from the shortest distance 41 cm.

As we’ve already mentioned, the AstrHori 40mm f/5.6 lens is small and light – it measures only 38 x 79 mm in weight 333 g.

Price and availability

The lens is available for purchase on Amazon 300 eurosthat is about PLN 1,450. For now, we do not know when and at what price the glass will be available on the Polish market.

For more information about Astrhori lenses, visit

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