ATTENTION BRAZILIANS! PIX will have a cover charge; know more

Oh PIX:, without a doubt, is a fast-growing payment method that is currently one of the most used methods by Brazilians. According to a survey conducted by Febraban (Brazilian Association of Bankers), a total of 26 billion transactions took place, with R$12.9 trillion moving from November 16, 2020, the date of the system’s creation, to September 2022.

However, in early 2023, the BC (Central Bank) approved a decision to change some rules of the instant money transfer system. For example, transfer limits have changed, as well as night hours. However, the most worrying change for Brazilians so far is the charging of fees to use it PIX:.

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Charging a fee to use PIX worries Brazilians

One feature that immediately attracted citizens to frequent use of the tool is that it is free. This benefit reaches a large group of Brazilians, including MEI (Individual Micro-Entrepreneurs), PF (Individual Entrepreneurs) and EI (Individual Entrepreneurs). Already PJ (legal entity) may be charged for payments and transfers.

Furthermore, groups previously exempted by recent amendments may also pay certain fees in certain situations. Below you’ll see who will now be charged and why.

The fee is charged by PIX

According to the Central Bank, financial institutions may charge fees when customers use PIX to:

  • Over 30 transfers within 30 days;
  • Transfers via dynamic QR code;
  • PJ transfers via QR code;
  • Values ​​in business-only accounts.

In this way, PFs, MEIs and also EIs classified under any of the above circumstances will be able to pay for the transaction. This is due to the fact that the Central Bank understands that a kind of commercial relationship is maintained in this way.

The amounts to be charged will be determined by the bank itself and can be found in its charter, as well as in the description of the bank account in the name of the customer. However, it is important to note something about the premium of this payment system, PIX. It does not apply to transactions over the telephone or in person, only through the Internet.

ATTENTION BRAZILIANS! PIX will have a cover charge; learn more – Adobe Stock

Debit Card Changes

Debit card issuers and regulators began to feel the effects of PIX competition. Since then, they have been thinking about ways to make this payment method attractive again.

Since the launch of PIX in Brazil, several merchants and consumers prefer to use this payment method because it is practical and secure. A few businesses have even discovered ways to encourage payments through an instant money transfer system.

The possibilities being explored assume that the debit card will have a “click to pay” format. This means, as the name itself says, in translation, payment is online with just one click. Thus, the customer does not need to log into the bank’s app to finalize their purchase.

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