Attention, obstacle! ADFC Schwerte offers safety training for pedelec drivers

Business with them is booming, but pedelecs are not completely harmless: ADFC Schwerte offers safety training courses to learn how to use them correctly. These are the dates:

In addition to the pure benefit in driving safety, pedelec training should also be a lot of fun. © ADFC sword

The pedelec business is booming and electric-assist bikes are becoming more and more popular. To learn how to handle it correctly, AFDC Schwerte offers safety training courses at the Theodor Fleitmann Comprehensive School.

Electric bicycles offer the possibility to move in an environmentally friendly way in everyday traffic with an individually adjustable power application. But the higher the popularity, the more accidents are caused.

Exercise courses at Theodor-Fleitmann-Gesamtschule

To prepare cyclists for the unusual dynamics of pedelecs or for the transition from a conventional to an electric version, the cycling club ADFC Schwerte is offering safety training sessions on August 13 and September 17 (always a Saturday) at the Theodor-Fleitmann premises. Comprehensive School in.

In practice groups of five to a maximum of ten participants, everyday driving situations are simulated in the protected environment of a training course and their safe mastery is trained.

Drive with foresight and avoid danger

“Safe handling of your pedelec and a forward-looking driving style make an important contribution to recognizing dangers in time and, if possible, avoiding them,” emphasizes coach and cyclist Marion Böcher, who will lead the course with a lot of commitment and expertise.

Prerequisite to participate in the course is your e-bike including a helmet and basic knowledge of cycling. The course lasts three hours and costs 30 euros per participant (20 euros as an ADFC member). Interested parties can find more information about the dates and conditions of participation at www.schwerte.adfc.de.

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