Audi will phase out cars with internal combustion engines. specified end date

Even before the date set by the European Union, we will not buy any new Audi with a combustion engine. The German manufacturer has made its decision and sees its future in electric cars.

The end of combustion cars in Europe

First of all, it should be noted that the European Union intends to ban the sale of combustion cars in the member states from 2035. This applies to new cars, i.e. those that can be found in sales rooms. There is probably nothing standing in the way of buying a used combustion engine car. Of course we will still be able to drive such a car on European roads.

Interestingly, some automakers have announced plans to phase out internal combustion engine cars earlier than the EU’s target date. Volvo wants to become fully electric by 2030, Mini and Mercedes also by 2030 – although the manufacturer with the star in the logo does not rule out offering combustion engines in high-demand markets after this date.

Everything indicates that combustion cars will simply die out in the future. Old models will disappear from the streets and only collector cars will remain, kept by automobile enthusiasts of the bygone era.

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Audi has set a date for phasing out the internal combustion engine

The company from Ingolstadt has officially announced that it sees its future in electronics. In addition, like the competition, it will only switch to the production of zero-emission cars before 2035.

We have learned that from 2026 Audi will only be launching fully electric models worldwide. From 2029, all of the company’s factories will then produce electric cars, but most likely models with internal combustion engines. On the other hand, the production of internal combustion engines should finally end by 2033. After this date we will no longer buy any new Audis with internal combustion engines – there will only be zero-emission cars.

The next generation of the Audi R8, known for its V10 engine sound, will also be electric. Ultimately, all models will be fully electrified. It is worth noting that the offer of the German manufacturer already includes several interesting electric cars – e-tron, e-tron GT or Q4 e-tron. The A6 e-tron will soon be added, which should ensure a really long range and top performance.

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