Automatically destroys drones and even entire swarms of them. This is the RAPIDFire security system

The technologically advanced RAPIDFire turret is designed to combat all drone threats

The RAPIDFire Turret is a self-contained ship mount structure that can rotate around with its 40mm CTA cannon. This is compatible with the full range of CTAI 40mm telescopic munitions, including the deployable anti-aircraft air bursts (A3B) which are specialized against aerial targets. Thanks to this link, and because of the connection between the fire control system and the turret, the RAPIDFire is expected to be extremely accurate and “will be able to engage threats without the risk of collateral damage.”

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Designed to protect platforms from low air threats, including drones, RAPIDFire is one of the few air defense systems that can autonomously and automatically detect, identify and destroy a threat using target designation data provided by a battle management system– we read in the announcement.

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Deepening its details, the RAPIDFire is reduced to a compact module with a modern architecture that combines ammunition and a guidance system to ensure high capture accuracy. This is provided, among other things, by the Thales integrated high-precision optoelectronic fire control system with a turret-mounted multispectral sight and a high-speed laser range finder. Thanks to this, the system is able to fire at multiple targets with a fast reaction time and automatically select different types of ammunition.

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Since there are 140 munitions in the “loader” of this system, the companies report that in practice they are able to prevent the threat associated with about 30 drones and are not prone to malfunction during, for example, a counterattack with their own surface – rockets air. RAPIDFire systems are also adaptable to ground platforms and easily integrate with existing systems thanks to a simple user interface.

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