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AutomationEdge launches worlds marketplace

AutomationEdge, an automation solutions provider, created Botshop, a marketplace for sharing robotic process automation (RPA), available to users of its automation platform starting in March. Without the need for a developer, bots facilitate automation processes, whether for the back office of companies or customer service interfaces, such as chatbots.

Botshop was born with the intention of being a bot library. The market makes it possible for anyone to automate tasks performed in a repetitive, standardized and routine manner. Automation is like reusable robot parts. Currently, there are about 40 bots available for free to users of the platform.

“Many times the conversation with the client is private, but the execution is common. We made a series of robots that we thought were reusable. The conversation, the context that the customer will use, this is unique, it can change before and after, but there are many automations that are the same or very similar”, says Fernando Baldin, CEO of AutomationEdge Brasil.

CNPJ consultations, IPVA verification, bank reconciliations, employee registration on benefits websites, user access, CPF consultation, employer regularity consultation in FGTS, supplier verification, negative certificates – these are some of the processes that can be automated.

Customers from various sectors, mainly from medium and large companies, use the AutomationEdge platform, such as Unimed, Caixa, Eurofarma and Azul. Almost every segment currently needs automation in the back office, as Baldin explains. Brazilian bus manufacturer Marcopolo, for example, uses more than 200 automations.

The launch of Botshop complements AutomationEdge’s strategy, launched in 2021, to offer RPA in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, designed to help companies implement automations without the need for infrastructure or license purchases. The cloud-based platform also has a scalable architecture.

Bots are free for AutomationEdge customers. It is only necessary to connect them to the input and output data, through the API. The customer can use another chatbot development and management platform, such as Take Blip, for example, but run the automations through the AutomationgEdge platform. Through Cognibot, the company’s chatbot platform, everything is integrated natively.

“Our business, at the end of the day, is to have more customers using our platform. If there are accelerators, I reduce deployment time, shorten the business cycle, and with this the customer generates more value in less time”, comments Baldin.

The market has a space for suggestions for the creation of bots, if a person wants an automation that is not yet available. AutomationEdge also buys bots from customers or developers, paying BRL 250 each. The only criteria to be followed is that they should be reusable, relevant and not infringing on client confidentiality.

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