AUXÍLIO BRASIL should have a value of R$725; Look

The federal government reconsidered Aid to Brazil. However, although the social program benefit has increased to 600 roubles, it lags behind transfers. Ambulance Between April and August 2020.

It turns out that inflation has only increased over the past two years, further devaluing the Brazilian currency and reducing the purchasing power of citizens. To be clear, R$ 600 Aid to Brazil 125 R$ less than the Emergency.

According to the Broad National Index of Consumer Prices (IPCA) measured by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), commodity prices have increased by 20.7% since April 2020.

Brazil aid delayed by BRL 125

Currently the value Aid to Brazil It’s still R$400. As of the next five months, the benefit will increase to R$600, subject to the Federal Government’s approval of PEC benefits.

On the other hand, a survey conducted in May by the Inter-Union Department for Statistics and Economic Research (Dieese) showed that the new value could not buy a basic basket, depending on the city.

According to economist and Faculdade Hélio Alonso (Facha) professor Ricardo Macedo, “in reality, since it does not follow inflation, the objective of Auxílio Brasil will not be achieved. Brazil has inflation that has been rising all the time, and that is now being artificially slowed, and that will hurt future results.”

In the first month of this year, the price of the basic food basket reached 777.93 rouelles in the capital city of Sao Paulo, 772.07 rouelles in Florianopolis, 768.76 rouelles in Porto Alegre and 723.55 rouelles in Rio de Janeiro.

In other cities with lower levels of food needs, such as Joao Pessoa and Aracaju, a basket cost 567.67 reals and 548.38 reals, respectively.

AUXÍLIO BRASIL PENDING loan up to BRL 1.5 thousand

The proposal, which provides for the distribution of credit to the beneficiaries Aid to Brazil he is only waiting for the sanction or veto of the president of the republic, Jair Bolsonaro.

It will be possible to borrow up to R$ 1,500 through Digital SIM, the digital microcredit simplification program for entrepreneurs, made available by Caixa Tem.

batch of Aid to Brazil aims to provide access to credit to this often overlooked community. The intention is that the service can be contracted for a commitment of up to 40% of the monthly allowance of the contracting party.

Currently, the social program serves more than 18 million families who are in socially vulnerable situations. According to the proposal, the investment forecast in salary-deductible loans for this public is 77 billion rials.

Auxílio Brasil batch details

Auxílio Brasil salary loan can be signed directly through the application has a box. After requesting the service, the interested party must wait up to 48 hours to find out whether it has been approved or not.

In short, there are two credit lines. The first one is intended for individuals, the current hiring limit is 1 thousand rials, the interest rate is from 1.95% per month and the payment period is 24 months. However, upon approval of the offer, the loan amount may increase to R$1,500.

The second version is aimed at legal entities (MEI). The current limit is R$ 3 thousand, the interest rate is from 1.99% per month, and the payment period is 24 months. However, as in the first case, it is possible that the loan will increase by 4,500 rials with the approval of the Temporary Measure.

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