B650 boards do not support a large amount of DDR5 memory

changes, changes. DDR5 operational memory not only significantly increased the frequencies at which RAM bones operate, it also prompted manufacturers – like Corsair – to experiment with rather unusual capacities on a bone. Everything points to these modules not quite liking the B650 motherboards for the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors.

DDR5 memory with a capacity of 24 GB does not like motherboards with the B650 chipset

Computer hardware is constantly evolving, as is memory size. 16 GB of RAM used to be standard in every computer, but this is no longer enough, which is why computer sets are already equipped with larger amounts of RAM. Most often we see RAM modules with a capacity of 8 or 16 GB, but the DDR5 standard can mean that PCs are increasingly equipped with quite unusual RAM values.

Corsair was one of the first manufacturers to introduce modules into regular sales where a single bone has 24GB available – so in a twin set operating in a two-channel configuration, that’s 48GB. 8 extra gigabytes per bone seems like a really nice option – it’s an alternative for people who find 32 GB not enough and 64 GB too much. Unfortunately, not everyone can currently afford such a set.

The point is not the price of PLN 1,000, but the lack of support for Corsair VENGANCE DDR5 memory with a capacity of 24 GB for motherboards with the B650 chipset (although the specified set is not AMD EXPO certified, only Intel XMP 3.0 – which can also be significant). That is, the board itself recognizes the modules, and we will easily get into the BIOS, which recognizes 24/48/96 GB of RAM. However, the problem arises when we want to switch to Windows because it simply does not start.

At the moment we can’t do anything about it – you have to wait for the motherboard BIOS update

DDR5 memory with a capacity of 24 GB is certainly a nice novelty on the market, but you have to keep in mind that something may not work initially. This isn’t really a big problem as a proper BIOS update should fix it – Now you have to wait for the motherboard manufacturers to introduce them.

Corsair VENGANCE DDR5 2x 24GB RAM (Source: Corsair)

Then boards with the B650 chipset for the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors will like DDR5 memory with a capacity of 24GB / 48 / 96GB.

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