BAD NEWS for Brazilian drivers who use gasoline and ethanol

Drivers in Brazil were shocked new gasoline and water ethanol prices In Brazil Post Offices. These fuels are competitors at the pumps, and many consumers do not know which is more beneficial for fueling their vehicles.

According to the weekly survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the prices of both fuels rose at the country’s pumps last week, putting further pressure on motorists’ pockets.

Summarizing, gasoline was 3.35, which corresponds to 17 cents per liter. As a result, the national average price of fossil fuels rose from R$5.08 to R$5.25. By the way, even if this price increase seems insignificant, it should be remembered that drivers do not fill their vehicles with just one liter of fuel, that is, any price increase affects the income of families. country.

In turn, aqueous ethanol closed last week up 2.37%, while the average price per liter in the country increased from 3.79 roubles to 3.88 roubles. However, some states sold biofuel at prices above R$4.50, which is much higher than the national rate.

In the midst of all this, many drivers wonder which of the two fuels has the better cost-benefit ratio, especially since ethanol is cheaper than gasoline. In short, it happens because: biofuel does not perform better than gasoline. There is even a very simple calculation by which drivers can find out which of the two fuels is more profitable.

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