BAD NEWS for country drivers just left

The country’s drivers were surprised by the new gasoline prices. Last week, gas stations raised the price of gasoline significantly, and many consumers had to pay more to fill up their cars.

According to a survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), the price of gasoline increased last week, as well as ethanol. On the other hand, diesel oil retreated again, easing the pockets of Brazilians. By the way, ANP analyzes the prices at more than five thousand gas stations in the country.

In the case of gasoline, the average price per liter increased by 3.35 percent, from 5.08 roubles to 5.25 rouelles. Incidentally, prices are expected to rise further in the next ANP update due to the resumption of PIS/Cofins levies on petrol and ethanol in the country.

In this ANP update, the average price of gasoline increased in all regions of Brazil: Midwest (+6.65%), Northeast (+3.65%), South (+3.14%), North (+2.69%) and Southeast (+2.61%). %).

By adding these results, average gas prices reached the following levels.

  • North-east. BRL 5.39
  • North. BRL 5.34
  • Midwest: BRL 5.29
  • South: BRL 5.26
  • Southeast: BRL 5.12

It should be noted that the average price of production and import without taxes was much lower in all marzes. Prices ranged from R$3.29 in the Northeast to R$3.51 in the North.

This indicates that consumers will have to pay more to charge their cars in the country. In short, there are other variables that affect fuel prices at the pumps, such as taxes, fees, profit margins, and labor costs.

Gasoline prices rise in 26 out of 27 UFs

Gasoline prices rose last week in 26 out of 27 federal units, focusing on Amapa (+9.75%), Goias (+9.38%), Federal District (+7.66%), Bahia (+6.89%) ) on. , Maranhão (+5.22%), Piauí (+5.20%) and Pernambuco (+5.09%).

The only exception of the week was Sergipe, where the price of gasoline fell sharply by 2.33%.

It should be noted that the average price of gasoline continued at a high level last week. In fact, several states in the country had prices higher than the national average, some of which showed values ​​higher than R$ 5.50, making life difficult for drivers.

See below for states increase in average gasoline prices:

  • Cost: BRL 5.75
  • Bahia: BRL 5.74
  • Amazon: BRL 5.67
  • Acre: BRL 5.59
  • Roraima: BRL 5.59

In contrast, with places the lowest values ​​in the country they were.

  • Maranhão. BRL 5.04
  • Paragraph: BRL 5.04
  • Sergipe. BRL 5.04
  • Mato Grosso: BRL 5.05
  • Mato Grosso do Sul. BRL 5.07
  • Sao Paulo. BRL 5.08

According to the calculations of the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom), with the resumption of federal tax collection, the price of gasoline at the country’s service stations should increase by 25 cents. However, the advance payment was 17 cents last week, which means that gasoline should become more expensive in the coming days.

The price of water ethanol is rising in the country

Like petrol, hydrated ethanol also rose in price last week in the country. In short, the price of biofuel increased by 2.37% and the price increased from R$3.79 to R$3.88.

In particular, the value increased in all regions of Brazil: Midwest (+4.95%), Northeast (+2.61%), Southeast (+1.87%), North (+1.67%) and south (+1.23%).

As for the UFs, the price of ethanol increased in 20 of them, emphasizing Goiás (+7.11%), Bahia (+6.00%) and Distrito Federal (+4.86%). ) on.

The only places with a drop in fuel prices are Tocantins (-1.59%), Ceará (-1.51%) and Acre (-0.69%). Ethanol prices were stable in three other states: Paraíba, Roraima and Sergipe.

Check out the states average average price of aqueous ethanol last week:

  • Roraima: BRL 4.87
  • Rio Grande do Sul: BRL 4.79
  • Bahia: BRL 4.59
  • Area: BRL 4.58
  • Santa Catarina: BRL 4.58

On the other hand, places back the lowest values ​​in the country they were.

  • Mato Grosso: BRL 3.30
  • Sao Paulo: BRL 3.76
  • Minas Gerais: BRL 3.83
  • Mato Grosso do Sul. BRL 3.88
  • Paraiba: BRL 3.94

Diesel fuel is getting cheaper for a week

Finally, diesel oil closed another week down. Summarizing, the most used fuel in the country has become cheaper by 0.50%: the price of one liter has dropped from 6.05 roubles to 6.02 roubles.

During the week, the price of diesel fuel decreased in four regions of Brazil, except for the southeastern regions, where the price remained stable. Of the FUs, diesel was cheaper in 18 out of 27, with Amapá (-3.58%) and Ceará (-2.37%) standing out.

So with the states higher average diesel prices they were.

  • Roraima: BRL 7.15
  • Acre: BRL 6.98
  • Rondonia: BRL 6.82
  • Amap: BRL 6.46
  • Rio Grande do Norte: BRL 6.46

On the other hand, places that traded in diesel fuel the lowest values ​​in the country they were.

  • Sergipe. BRL 5.74
  • Tocantins: BRL 5.77
  • Pernambuco: BRL 5.83
  • Rio Grande do Sul: BRL 5.85
  • Holy Spirit. BRL 5.87
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