Banco do Brasil redefines “reaching the top” in honor of International Women’s Day

March 8 is a turning point in women’s struggle for better living and working conditions. In order to set the agenda for the discussion on this topic and reinforce its position that it is on the side of women “for everything I can imagine”, Banco do Brasil is launching a campaign that shows different conceptions of “reaching the top”, from the perspective of women. In addition to the film, the campaign signed by Lew’LaraTBWA also includes digital contributions.

For the first time in its 214-year history, Banco do Brasil has a woman in the highest position of its management, in the presidential chair, almost 100 years after the company welcomed the first BB employee. This symbolic and representative achievement was added to the campaign launched this Wednesday, the 8th, in honor of International Women’s Day, to reflect on the importance of having as many women as possible in leadership positions in large companies or at any “top”.

Paula Sayão, director of marketing and communications at Banco do Brasil, points out:

“Today is a day for all of us – men and women – to reflect on progress and, mostly, on the obstacles we have yet to overcome. We are proud to launch a campaign that shows the top as a place that represents fulfillment for everyone and that speaks to everyone, because when a woman reaches the top, she brings other women with her.”

The film acts as visual poetry, bringing together the protagonists of different Brazilian women, of different ages and social classes, but with something in common: the power of achievement.

Watch the movie:

With an important appreciation of the effort and dedication of each woman to achieve her achievement, the communication dealt with a diverse cast, representing both a plurality of profiles and conceptions of what it means to “reach the top”: a bank employee with a career, representing women with disabilities, a singer and a songwriter Majur, a black and trans woman, a character representing black and plus-sized women, a surfer part of a group of BB-sponsored athletes, a woman of indigenous descent, and another representative of mature women. Such diversity and plurality can also be seen in the film’s production team, also mostly female, represented by scene director Liv Stacciarini.

Besides the visual appeal of showing women literally at the top, the film still has another strong woman in its conception: the singer Maria Bethânia is responsible for the voice in the frame.

Jailma Ribeiro, Associate Creative Director at Lew’LaraTBWA, comments:

“The campaign goes beyond advertising speech. We’re not just portraying a more pluralistic world with more equity, we’re putting it into practice, with a mostly female team, whether we’re directing the commercial, acting, working behind the camera or recording the soundtrack. A strong message conveyed by strong women about the increasingly real role of women in the most diverse spaces.”

The film is shown on open and closed TV, in versions of 60 and 30 seconds.

The campaign also has a digital development, with a call for other women in leadership positions to share “what’s the top” for each and for companies to be further encouraged to put together their leadership boards with more women than fingerprints.

The initiative was launched by Lew’LaraTBWA agency, Boiler production and Satélite audio.

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