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Banking services through WhatsApp: check real numbers

Brazilian banks are increasingly offering services through WhatsApp, a convenience for those who already use the app. Balance consultation, financing, loans, change of address and transfers, for example. All this in the palm of your hand. However, with such ease and convenience, is it safe to use the app for these transactions? After all, we’ve seen back-to-back scams from the messaging app.

The main financial institutions in the country were consulted and some tips were gathered on this so that the reader can use the application more safely. In addition, the main frauds that are being applied in the square are also listed.

Tricks include cloning the number, sending a malicious link or fake ticket, asking for money, collecting debt – which in most cases does not even exist – and many other ways to trick the user are used by counterfeiters to steal data. and the money. Top tips are: don’t click on links, don’t give out your personal details, including bank details, and be suspicious of fancy offers. Easy money does not exist and banks do not require information on the platform.

To avoid a headache, Extra newspaper compiled WhatsApp phone numbers of That’s it, Bank of Brazil, treasurer Federal Economic, Santander AND Bradesco. The recommendation is simple: save these numbers in your phone book in case you need to talk to the bank.

WhatsApp from banks: write on the agenda

IN That’s it, for example, through WhatsApp it is possible to check balances, overdraft limits and Pix, make loans, transfers, access duplicate invoices, get information on mortgage loans, pay bills and consult service packages, among other services. Itaú’s WhatsApp is (11) 4004-4828.

O Bradesco offers more than 20 services through WhatsApp. Among them: balance inquiry, statement, latest publications, spending request and credit card limit, best day to buy, financial indices and location of the nearest branch. In addition, customers can be contacted by BIA (Bradesco Artificial Intelligence) via WhatsApp, in case of suspicious transactions. The phone number is (11) 3335-0237.

O Santander expanded the range of services on WhatsApp and reaches 39 active services within the platform. Santander customers carry out transactions via WhatsApp through the following contacts: Santander PF (11) 4004-3535, Santander PJ (11) 4004-2125, Santander Financiamentos (11) 4004-9090 and Ombudsman (11) 3012-0322.

According to Bank of Brazil (BB) in addition to payments, balance verification and cashback, among other services, it is now possible to contract personal credit and change the limit of an additional card. BB’s WhatsApp is (61) 4004-0001.

IN treasurer, the service through the WhatsApp application served as a support channel during the fight against the pandemic and then began serving all citizens, account holders and savers. WhatsApp Box is 0800-104-0104.

Fake profiles in networks

It is common for cybercriminals to look for ever more creative ways to attract victims. The alarm is Emilio Simoni, director of laboratory dfndrPsafe’s security lab.

We have identified fake profiles on social networks, even many impersonating companies, in an attempt to gain people’s trust. It is through a first contact with the potential victim that the fraudster uses social engineering to convince them to pass their PIN code, with which they can access a WhatsApp illegally.“, alert.

Once the fraudsters gain access to the victim’s WhatsApp, they study the messages to understand the user’s behavior and communication style. And they start conversations with contacts posing as account owners, and again using social engineering, try to convince them to offer financial favors, which are usually requests for loans or bill payments.

By having access to the victim’s account, the fraudster will be able to read everything that has been shared, such as personal data, confidential information from the company where he works, photos and documents. Getting their hands on this type of content can open up a number of options for cybercriminals to blackmail and apply other scams.Simon explains.

He adds that it’s normal for criminals to reach out through social media chats, posing as company support or inventing fake promotions and surveys, all to get the information needed to carry out the scam. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention whenever a profile, which is supposed to be from a brand, which could be a bank, comes into contact on social networks.

main hits

Clone WhatsApp

WhatsApp account cloning occurs when the criminal gains access to the security data of the victim’s mobile phone. This access can be obtained through a fake link or a phone call from a faker posing as an employee of a company or institution known to the user. The criminal asks for a confirmation code sent via SMS and these numbers allow the hijacker to hijack the WhatsApp account. The victim will have access blocked and the criminal will ask for money on their behalf from friends and family. Report to WhatsApp (support@whatsapp.com).

fake app

A report published by Psafe, a cyber security company, shows that more than two million fraud attempts using fake apps took place in Brazil between January and April. And how does it work? Using security holes, criminals infiltrate software that is almost identical to official software, such as that of banks, for example, into stores such as Google Play and the App Store, which can confuse users when downloading and facilitate access to personal data . Also according to the study, trojans and malware are the main viruses spread and can access information such as mobile phone numbers, bank details and even passwords for social networking profiles.

spy app

Among the most common WhatsApp scams is the remote access of third-party accounts by spy applications, so-called spyware, which allow monitoring of the victim’s mobile activities. Spyware can be installed through physical access to the victim’s phone device or through phishing (fishing for personal and financial data online) with malicious links. By installing the spy, criminals have remote access to personal data, WhatsApp messages, verification code, email and social media passwords, among others.

data theft

The fraudster who clones the mobile can steal other data in the content of stored messages related to the exchange of financial and banking information, if he used the application to make bank transactions or payments. If this happens, notify your contacts and report the hacked account. It is also recommended that the victim send an email support@whatsapp.com with a copy of the incident report to have the account disabled.

fake account

In the fake WhatsApp profile, criminals manage to hack victims’ contact lists in online applications or steal public data on social media profiles. They create an account with a phone number from the same area code and add their name, profile picture and status. They then contact the victim’s friends to let them know they have changed their phone number and demand money. It is important that the victim communicates with WhatsApp (support@whatsapp.com). Inform in the text of the email your full name, the fraudulent number and the real number in the format + 55 (XX) XXXXX-XXXX.

Safety tips to avoid being scammed

  1. Install a security solution on your phone capable of identifying WhatsApp cloning attempts.
  2. Activate two-factor authentication, this way you can create a password that will be an additional layer of security for your WhatsApp account: Settings/Settings > Account > Two-step verification. In this way, it is possible to register a password that will be requested periodically by the application.
  3. Look for the verification stamp on brands’ social media profiles and never pass on personal information or any code that’s been sent to your mobile phone.
  4. Do not leave your phone unlocked near unknown people, as it is possible for them to connect to WhatsApp Web and access your messages.
  5. To check if someone is accessing your account, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the application and select “WhatsApp Web”. If one is active, the name of the device it is connected to will be displayed. To sign out, just click on “Disconnect from all devices”.
  6. Set privacy so that only your contacts can see your profile picture and information.
  7. Use the automatic feature that notifies you when a contact changes numbers. If in doubt, text the original contact number to confirm the change.
  8. Let family and friends know that you will never ask for money through the app, whether it’s a bank deposit or Pix.

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