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Basic Food Basket is going up in nine Brazilian capitals, Dieese says

According to the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Research (Dieese), the price main cart increased in June in 9 out of 17 analyzed capital cities. THE: the highest rate was recorded In Fortaleza (4.54%), followed by Natal (4.33%) and João Pessoa (3.36%).

In June, the main food basket was the commodity that increased in price whole milk, which had an increase of up to 23.09%. Workers for Dieese who earn the minimum wage the national spends up to 69.31% of the income to buy a basic food basket.

São Paulo has the most expensive food basket in the country

Despite a 0.12% drop from May to June 2022, São Paulo continues to show. the most expensive main basket Among the capitals analyzed by Dieese. The amount of R$ 777.01 is 64.01% of the current minimum wage.

The Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Surveys would require a minimum wage of R$6,527.67 to support a family of four. This value represents 5.39 times the minimum wage national payment R$ 1212.00.

In addition to São Paulo representing a very high average value, Florianópolis (R$760.41), Porto Alegre (R$754.19) and Rio de Janeiro (R$733.14) can also be mentioned. On the other hand, the lowest average values ​​were recorded in Aracaju (R$549.91), Salvador (R$580.82) and João Pessoa (R$586.73).

Rising prices of basic food

As already mentioned, in the last month The main food basket villain was whole milk, which has continuously increased this year. according to to diebetween April and May, the price of milk increased in 17 capitals of Brazil. In the first month of this year, the average price of food made 2.10 rubles, despite this, in June the price increased to 2.68 rubles.

For subject matter experts, the increase in product value is related the lowest product offer. It should be noted that the country faced out of season (drier climate), damaging pastures and causing a decline in milk production.

“In the first quarter of 2021, a 10.3 percent decrease in the volume of milk produced in Brazil was recorded. It was the biggest all-time decline in a streak that began in 1997. So I think it shows how this supply has declined,” explains Glauco Rodríguez, researcher at Embrapa Gado de Leite.

Dieese also found that the price per kilogram of French bread rose in 15 of the 17 capitals analyzed. The highest percentages were recorded in Belém (10.29%), Salvador (3.36%) and Natal (3.21%). the value of flour was high in all capital cities, especially Brasilia (6.64%) and Vitoria (5.49%).

Carioquina bean per kilogram has increased in all the cities where it is studied, hampering its value. main cart. The price of coffee increased in 13 capitals, of which the main increases were recorded in São Paulo (4.43%), Belém (3.31%) and Recife (3.31%).

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