Baubles from the People’s Republic of Poland – the magic of Christmas memories immortalized in photographs. This is how Poles used to decorate Christmas trees. Do you remember these decorations?

Unique, original and bring back many memories – these are balls from the People’s Republic of Poland. In many homes they are still hanging on the Christmas tree, in others they are dusty in cardboard boxes. They await collectors willing to pay a lot of money for the rarest ornaments. Find out where the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree comes from and indulge in a wave of nostalgia in our gallery of baubles from the past.


  • The history and symbolism of Christmas balls. Where did the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree come from?
  • Christmas baubles that reigned in the People’s Republic of Poland: unforgettable icicles, cones and strumples

The tradition of placing evergreen trees and wreaths at home during the winter solstice dates back to ancient times. The holly hung on the doors of the houses was supposed to protect the residents from evil spirits. In ancient Rome, from December 17 to 23, temples were decorated with food, which honored the god of agriculture – Saturn.

The Celts considered ornaments to be made of evergreen branches a symbol of struggle and resistance against the dangers of winter. The Christmas tree appeared in the form we know today – a whole tree only in the Middle Ages. The first trees were placed on the occasion of Christmas in churches, cemeteries and city squares.

In some places, wooden structures were built that were decorated with candles, apples and paper decorations. What both living trees and their replacements had in common were decorations. Because they were all decorated with fruit, mostly red applesas well as sweets, eg gingerbread or nuts.

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