‘BBB 23’: Fred Bruno wins the race and is the new leader

Influencer competed with Aline Wirley for leadership of the week

Playback/ instagram @fred fred
Fred Bruno was the top scorer in the leaderboard test of the week

After turbo week, Big Brother Brazil 23 there is a new leader. This Thursday, the 2nd, brothers/sisters contested the leader test from Seara. Cezar Black and Key Alves, nominated for the wall by Big Fone, did not participate. And President Bruna vetoed Domitila Barros from the event. Inspired by the game Battleship, the test contained several sandwiches hidden on a board and brothers/sisters they had to find them by guessing. The highest scorer won the race. Aline and fred tied and, in an extra round, the influencer won. In addition to leadership, Fred won a year of Seara products. For VIP he chose Larisa, Aline Wirley and Bruna.

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