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Beautified baby: understand this rare phenomenon

It doesn’t happen very often, but birth or baby it is when the child is born inside the amniotic sac, which remains intact even after being removed from the mother’s womb. It is a very rare phenomenon, it is estimated that only 1 in 80,000 babies are born with this condition. But recently there was one here in Brazil.

However, it is nothing serious or harmful to the mother or the baby. Under normal circumstances, the amniotic sac ruptures shortly before birth, but in rare cases it remains intact. So, in these cases, after the removal from the uterus, the doctor will make an incision in the sac that surrounds the baby and take it out to perform the necessary post-natal procedures.

According to experts, there is no way to predict when this will happen. But it is something natural and does not pose any risk to the baby’s health.

What is the decorated baby phenomenon?

An occluded baby is one that is born and removed from the mother’s womb still surrounded by the amniotic sac. For those who don’t know, the amniotic sac or sac is a kind of thin, transparent film that surrounds the baby during pregnancy. It is this bag that protects the child and allows him to get all the necessary nutrients through the umbilical cord.

As mentioned earlier, in most births, the water breaks at the moment when the mother begins labor. In fact, when the water breaks, it releases fluid that is a warning that labor is about to happen.

If it is not at the beginning of labor, at the time of delivery the water has already broken out, in most cases. Because in rare situations, the water does not break and the baby is born still surrounded by it, which is what we call delivery with the membrane.

Why does closed birth occur?

Why exactly this happens is not known, so it is impossible to predict when the baby will be dressed. But according to experts, cesarean delivery is more likely to happen in case of caesarean section, as the water tends to break when the baby is born through normal delivery.

In addition, certain factors can increase the chances of this happening. Pfor example, a natural birth without any intervention or the birth of premature children, as well as the birth of twins, where each baby has its own bag. Finally, it can also occur during cesarean delivery in which the child was born prematurely and it is necessary to make a vertical and wide incision on the uterus.

What happens after the birth of a baby with a cap?

Despite the surprise for those who take part in the birth, precisely because it is a rare occurrence, the procedures performed afterwards are standard.

Then, when the baby is born in the sheath, the doctor will remove it from the mother’s belly and make a small cut in the lining of the amniotic sac so that it bursts. In this way, the baby will be removed and taken to traditional procedures, as well as tests and examinations to assess the health of the newborn.

Are there any risks?

No, vaginal delivery does not pose a risk to either the mother or the baby. In fact, in some cases it can be very positive as it is a way of protecting the baby.

Imagine the following scenario, a pregnant woman has an infectious disease, and the baby must not have contact with blood in order not to contaminate it. In the case of a baby with an envelope, it would be protected.

In addition, giving birth in a wrap can also protect the baby from possible trauma and scratches during delivery. PFinally, there is a popular belief that a baby born this way will have a lot of luck in life.

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