Benefits PEC does not provide assistance to Uber drivers

The PEC of Benefits has been officially approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The text provides a number of measures to help certain job categories. Between them, Not drivers for apps like Uber. A proposal to create relief for these workers was left out of the final text.

Just last week, some MPs received the text of the Benefits PEC and stated that the issue did not apply to the situation of Uber drivers. Due to the absence, these parliamentarians decided that these workers can be included in the list of beneficiaries. However, the negotiations did not progress.

According to official information, the Benefits PEC envisages increasing the values ​​of gas vouchers and Auxílio Brasil and creating new projects, such as the R$ 1,000 voucher for truck drivers and the new program of the Federal Government, aimed exclusively at taxi drivers who have financial difficulties;

It’s worth remembering that the National Congress currently has a number of bills that attempt to create social programs that include Uber drivers. A significant part of the texts envisages the creation of regulations and labor rights for citizens working in this category throughout the country.

However, it is unlikely that the projects will be analyzed and approved. As the Federal Government allies rush, the easiest way for application drivers to approve the program has been to join the PEC of Benefits.

Uber drivers

Several Uber drivers are calling for more labor protections in the country. Some of the most common requests revolve around greater security for them, given that there are reports of thefts and even robberies.

Calls for better working conditions are nothing new, and not just for Uber drivers. App delivery workers have also staged a series of protests in recent months to ask for more protections.

It should be remembered that the social phenomenon is not only in Brazil. Few countries around the world are debating more often the limits of the state’s role in helping workers in the sector.

An election event?

But at one level, some opposition parliamentarians in Brazil argue that the ruling parties left Uber drivers out of the PEC for electoral reasons only. They blame the government for the funds only in categories in which President Jair Bolsonaro usually has more support.

This would be the case, for example, with truck drivers. It is planned to pay the voucher for this working group in August-December of this year. The amount of R$ 1 thousand is more than the largest payment ever paid for emergency care.

However, the federal government denies the allegation of electoral gain. Allies of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) remind that the ideas proposed by the PEC have been pending in the National Congress for several months.

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