Betano and his close connection with the World Cup in Qatar 2022

All betting and sports fans know that there is a place that can take you to unimaginable tracks, where enjoying both passions is not just a championship dream. Thanks to the influence that sport has as a way of life in society and the technological progress that is increasingly developing with tools for a better user experience, the giant and leader in the sports betting sector, Betano Brasil, stands out for its strengths and advantages, but above all for the trajectory that maintains it.

Betano, in addition to sports, offers its Brazilian customers all the legendary casino games, from famous slots to card games preferred by millions of fans of traditional and online casinos, making it a place for entertainment. in total generating great chances that he can shout in victory as he won the top prize.

However, one of the strategies with which this sportsbook had to delight all football fans and all loyal fans of sports competitions was the direct involvement in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022, did you know that?

Well, it’s true, on the eve of the World Cup, Betano signed a contract with the body responsible for the regulation of world football and which is also responsible for all the organization of World Cup tournaments. , better known as the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), where it established itself as the official sponsor of the World Cup in football in its 2022 edition, which was held for the first time in an Arab country, Qatar.

Football and betting have a common spirit

Although today many consider that sports sponsorship is a completely new modality, the truth is that this concept has existed since ancient times. Betano sportsbook, which started in Greece, stands out among other sportsbooks for its direct connection with sports in the world and for its active and stable presence on different latitudes of the planet, among which stand out nations such as Brazil, Chile, Peru , Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, among others.

For a long time, sports have been connected in an extraordinary and surprising way in the betting industry, offering all fans a real quality time that allows them to live their passion in a communal way.

Currently, Betano has managed to maintain a close relationship with the International Football Federation (FIFA), with the fantastic goal of improving the experience of users who love football, using the current technological tools at their disposal, allowing them to reach more users. The good news of the partnership between Betan and FIFA during the major world football event held in Qatar 2022, with the main goal of offering all football fans a fully responsible and safe betting experience, was really exciting.

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