Betano joins Black Dragon

December 22, 2022 – 2:26 p.m

Betano will sponsor the Black Dragons (Credit: Disclosure)

Betano announces partnership with Black Dragons. With the aim of promoting its presence in the gaming and esports universe. With this, the brand will participate in the initiatives at the Gaming House, starting in 2023, and in the creation of content together with the team’s athletes and influencers.


Along with Grupo Dreamers, Black Dragons plans to become a gaming holding company

For this, the contract stipulates that the bookmaker will create a high-performance room for training and matches that will bear the brand name. In addition, Betano will be present in match broadcasts, interviews and articles conducted with Black Dragon. Through the partnership, a commemorative team jersey with a change of official colors will also be developed with Betana.

In CS:GO, the brand will give naming rights to the team and will be present in the Crossfire women’s and mixed team uniforms.

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