Beyoncé’s “Rebirth” release. what you need to know

You already know the album release Beyonce it’s a complete event.

“The Revival” of course it is. But Grammy’s long-awaited seventh album does not disappoint, if social media is to be believed.

The album was officially released this Friday (29) morning. And here’s everything you need to know.

Queen Bey Addresses ‘Leak’

Before getting into the music itself, the songstress had something to say about the album being leaked days before its scheduled release.

“So the album leaked and you all really waited until the proper release time so you could all enjoy it together,” he wrote in a statement on his social media. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t thank you enough for your love and protection.”

members of BeehiveAs their dedicated fan base is known, took to social media to ask people not to share or listen to the leaked ambient files.

He thanked them for their “unwavering support” and “patience”.

“Thank you for calling someone who was trying to get into the club earlier,” he wrote. “It means the world to me.”

talking about the club

We’ve been waiting to dance and Renaissance gives us house music and afro-beats and pays tribute to the jams of yesteryear.

Children of the 1970s will be reminded of the parties their parents threw at home, with wine and the couch being moved to make room for the dance floor; Cuff It” is about disco and skating rinks.

The latter is still owned by one of the sound architects of that time, Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers.

Of course, Beyoncé provides her own interpretation, as she did on lead single “Break My Soul,” which features house music legend Robin S.’s 1993 hit “Show Me Love.”

Love for the LGBTQ+ community

Beyoncé is paying tribute to her late uncle Johnny, who is gay, in a new album.

“She was my godmother and the first person to introduce me to the great music and culture that inspires this album,” he wrote in a post on his website.

“Thank you to all the pioneers who created the culture, to all the fallen angels whose contributions have gone unrecognized for a long time. This is a holiday for you.”

In 2019, she spoke about her uncle during her and husband Jay-Z’s acceptance speech at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles.

She called her uncle Johnny “the coolest gay man I’ve ever met” and credited him with helping her raise her and her sister Solange.

“He lived his truth,” she said excitedly. “He was brave and forgiving at a time when this country was not very welcoming. Witnessing his fight against HIV was one of the most painful experiences I have ever had.”

The lyrics of the song “Heated” are as follows. “Uncle Johnny made my dress/That cheap spandex/She looks a mess.”

“The album also features contributions from LGBTQ+ stars Big Freedia, TS Madison and transgender DJ and producer Honey Dijon.

Queen Bey and her powerful sensuality

Sex, or at least the suggestion of it, features heavily on this album, with tracks like “Heated,” “Alien Superstar,” and “Pure/Honey.”

Only he could drop a track titled “America’s in Trouble” and instead of delivering a message about the state of the country, he informs us that “I can’t wait to back it up.”

“I supply my man/I’m in demand/As soon as I land,” he sings.

Beyoncé the rapper

We see you dropping bars, lady! Cards

Jay-Z isn’t the only rapper in the family, as we’ve come to know since Beyoncé dropped a remix of Meghan Stallion’s “Savage.”

Beyoncé reinforces her ability to go beyond just singing with “Cozy” and “Church Girl,” in which she gives us a taste of her ability to spit a little.

This is just the beginning

According to him, this new album is only “Ato I” out of three recorded during the epidemic.

The “Renaissance” has begun.

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