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Bia Kicish may head the inspection commission of Lula’s government

Photo: Wells Amaral/House of Representatives

The LP won the PT in an internal dispute in the Chamber of the Presidency of the Financial Inspection and Supervisory Commission.

With this, Bia Kichis (photo) will be able to preside over the panel, which will be responsible for overseeing the actions of Lula’s (PT) government and will have the power to invite ministers from all sectors.

According to Folha, the name of the Bolsonaro MP has been nominated by the PL to head the commission, but is facing resistance from the government base, fearing the attrition the college could cause for the PA administration.

Kicis should be officially approved only after the formation of the committee and an internal vote. PT leaders told a Sao Paulo newspaper that the government would organize itself to get a majority in the collegium and block approval of inconvenient proposals.

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