Bible lessons for success in corporate life

The Holy Book presents several lessons on how to act so that products and services reach the market efficiently

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The “parable of the sower” is one of the Bible passages used in the corporate world

My daughter Rachel and I embarked on a bold project – to write a book that would help preachers succeed. This is how the work “Oratory for religious leaders” was born. All recommended techniques were based on Bible and in the experience of the greatest preachers in world history. These concepts are useful in preaching, but they can also be used in all other activities, especially in corporate life🇧🇷 One of the biggest challenges for organizations lies in planning and executing sales. There is no point in a company developing great quality products if they are not marketed. Selling, therefore, is for companies a kind of air that keeps them alive and enables them to continue growing.

The Bible presents several lessons on how to act so that products and services can reach the market efficiently. One of the most important passages on this subject is in the Parable of the Sower. Let’s analyze what Jesus said and how you can use his words in sales. 🇧🇷The sower went out to sow. As he sowed the seed, a portion fell by the wayside; it was trampled and the birds of the sky ate it up. Some of it fell on the rocks, and when it sprouted, the plants withered because there was no moisture. Another part fell among the brambles, which grew with it and choked the plants. Another part fell on good ground. It grew and yielded good crops, a hundredfold. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Based on these wise guidelines, the seller can choose between three different paths. All good, as long as they tread well. The first, following Rick Warren’s suggestions. The preacher says, “It’s a waste of time to fish where the fish aren’t catching. Wise fishermen move on. They know that fish eat at different times of the day in different places.” This is how the seller can act. Instead of focusing your energy on customers who are not interested in your product, you should look for those who are more receptive. This way, you will increase your income faster.

Second, following the suggestions of Charles Spurgeon, the greatest Baptist preacher of all time. “The Prince of Preachers” says: “Do you know why so many Christians who profess their faith are like thorny ground? Because such people lack the processes that would lead to a change in the state of things. It is the husbandman’s business to pluck the thorns and burn them immediately. […] The best wheat grows in the best plowed field. Converts are more likely to endure better when the thorns do not grow because they have been removed.” This can be, then, another opportunity for the seller: to work hard to remove all objections, whatever they may be, so that this “land” will always be fertile and productive.

Finally, the third, now in the words of the greatest preacher of all time, after Christ, Antônio Vieira: “The hearers are either bad or good: if they are good, the word of God bears fruit in them; if they are bad, even if it does not bear fruit in them, it has an effect. We have them in the Gospel. The wheat fell among the thorns, it was born, but they choked it. The wheat fell on the stones, it was also born, but withered. The wheat that fell on the good ground sprouted and bore fruit in great abundance. So the wheat that fell on the good ground sprouted and bore fruit; the wheat that fell on bad ground, did not bear fruit, but was born; because the word of God is so fruitful that it bears much fruit in the good and is so effective that in the wicked, even if it does not bear fruit, it has an effect”. So can the seller. If you persevere with good and bad clients, you will make your word, even if it doesn’t bear fruit, grow. And one day, perhaps, he will be satisfied with a good harvest.

The book “Oratory for Religious Leaders”, by Reinaldo and Rachel Polito

Each of the three preachers carefully followed the teachings of Christ. Some in one way, some in another way, but all obedient to the word of God. The seller will also be able to choose the path that he considers most suitable for his task. All options will be good, as long as there is determination in work and discipline in action. What you can’t do is judge that fruit will come without planting for it. If you want to go deeper into this topic, I suggest the book “Bible Teachings for Success” by Cesar Romão. This work presents valuable lessons for career and corporate life. Follow on Instagram: @polito🇧🇷

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