Biden increasingly doubts Elon Musk. Does the White House have cause for concern?

But Elon Musk is finalizing his purchase of Twitter — and all of the billionaire’s recent actions are starting to worry Joe Biden.

Musk likes to change his mind lately. The first Starlink in Ukraine, now buying Twitter

We all remember the whole soap opera related to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. Inflating the balloon, then withdrawing the CEO of Tesla, arguing with fake accounts and allegedly providing false information by the management of the social platform until everyone forgot about the case that eventually went to court.

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Some time passed and the Twitter purchase boomeranged back—except this time it actually happened. Recent reports suggest that the blue bird-logoed social media site will soon find its way into the hands of an eccentric billionaire — and he plans to cut 75 percent of the workforce, causing huge doubts and confusion, especially among Twitter employees.

Court verdict or jealousy over the purchase of Parlera by Kanye West? Maybe both?

Musk openly admits that he thinks the platform is overpaying and that Twitter is not worth $44 billion. The translation regarding the number of bots and fake accounts was not enough for the court – and the purchase must be completed on October 28 this year. But Twitter employees can’t sleep well, because Musk said that the current number of jobs is definitely too high – and with 7.5 thousand employees, he plans to get rid of up to 5.5 thousand.

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It’s interesting because Musk wants to double Twitter’s profits within three years and make the social network three times more users per day than it is now. But Tesla’s CEO appears to be extremely receptive to any suggestions from new board member Jason Calacanis — and is already tossing out ideas on how to get employees to leave Twitter themselves.

Biden is increasingly questioning Musk’s behavior — and it’s not about getting Donald Trump back on the platform

There’s been an incredible amount of buzz (mostly negative) surrounding Musk lately, and it’s starting to feel more and more. As Bloomberg reports, President Joe Biden’s administration is monitoring the SpaceX CEO’s actions on both Starlink and Twitter — simply because they fear that Musk’s friendly relations with some autocrats could pose a threat to national security.

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The White House is simply concerned that Musk’s business decisions could pose a threat to US national security, especially as SpaceX receives billions of dollars in funding from the US government. Where do these fears come from? One reason is praise for the billionaire figure in China after he admitted that he believes Taiwan should hand over some democratic power to China — and Beijing officials were delighted by Musk’s announcement.

In addition, the billionaire’s recent Twitter poll, in which he wrote down the conditions under which the Russian-Ukrainian war should end, also plays a significant role. The billionaire proposed that another referendum be held in the looted regions of Ukraine under the supervision of the United Nations, that Crimea belongs to Russia and Ukraine remains neutral. In addition, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund were to join the transaction for the purchase of Twitter. The White House is increasingly afraid of Musk’s activities – and no wonder.

One Twitter user actually wrote on the platform that it would be funny if the government stopped Musk from buying it. The billionaire returned the stick to the anthill, responding with a red “100” emoticon and a mouth crying with laughter.

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