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Biden invited the UAE president to visit the USA


Joe Biden (photo) invited the new president of the United Arab Emirates this Saturday (16). Mohammed bin Zayedvisiting United States.

“We understand that the challenges we face today make it even more important for us to spend more time together. I would like to formally invite you to the United States, OVAL OFFICEuntil the end of the year”Biden said during the bilateral meeting held in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia.

In you tour of the Middle EastThe US president is trying to convince the Persian Gulf countries increase their oil production and thus reduce the price of a barrel, which is around 100 USD.

Yesterday, as we show, Biden met with the crown prince Mohammed bin Salmanaccused of masterminding the 2018 assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. During their first contact in Jeddah, Biden and the crown prince did not shake hands, but greeted each other “punch”.

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