Biedronka and Lidl will set up hundreds of chargers for electric cars

From 2025, the obligation to place electric car chargers in shops and galleries that offer larger parking spaces comes into force. Biedronka, as well as other large chain stores, are already preparing for the upcoming changes.

No need to stand and wait under the charger

There are many people who associate the use of an electric car mainly with the need to stand and waste time at public chargers. It’s worth noting, however, that many BEV owners currently charge their cars mostly at home. Public chargers, on the other hand, are mostly used on the road.

But what if we don’t have the option to charge in our own garage? Over time, the number of chargers that will be available in many parking spaces should increase, and then the battery can be charged as if by the way when the car is just standing and not being used. It is worth noting that there will be more such chargers in parking lots located next to stores or shopping centers. We go shopping, leave the car and then charge it – simple and convenient.

Of course, the option to top up while shopping will be available to anyone interested, including people who have come to town for shopping and charge the BEV primarily at home. The new regulations, which will apply from 1 January 2025, should help to significantly promote such charging points. Well, charging points for electric cars will have to be located next to existing non-residential buildings that offer parking for more than 20 spaces. This applies e.g. stores – eg Lidl or Biedronka.

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It is worth mentioning here that we can now find chargers in selected Lidl stores. What’s more, there are chargers in other stores or shopping malls, and some of them are free – the business model is based on displaying ads on special poles.

Biedronka and Lidl are preparing for the upcoming changes

According to Business Insider, Polska Lidl is preparing for the upcoming changes. As I mentioned, in selected stores (about 50 sites) we will find chargers, but this is only the beginning. The goal is to have all eligible stores equipped with electric car chargers by 2025.

Biedronka, which is very popular in Poland, has also taken steps to adapt to the new legal regulations. However, Przemysław Jurowicz, director of property management in the Biedronka chain, points out that the entire process of preparing for the upcoming changes is complex and involves large financial costs. For example, it is often necessary to prepare a separate connection, which sometimes takes many months.

But what is the situation now? According to a report by Power Dot, which surveyed over a thousand commercial establishments in Poland, only 20% of them have charging points. It is clear that over the next two years there is a lot of work ahead for shops and the owners of various commercial establishments to be ready for the new legal regulations. It can be said that if the whole process can be carried out without problems, we will have a real revolution in terms of the development of electromobility. Around 10,000 new jobs are expected to be created in Poland by 2025. charging points in public facilities.

Certainly, electric car charging points that will be located in popular stores should facilitate the use of BEVs. Moreover, I believe that this will positively affect the interest in electrical engineering, and will also significantly increase their sales.

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