BIG ALERT for Brazilians, CRAS will be making a GENERAL CALL throughout Brazil

Some beneficiaries as of this month Bolsa Familia will be invited to visit CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center) to confirm the information registered in the program.

In particular, data analysis will be carried out in order to eliminate unnecessary entries from the list of payments.

The approval of the new analysis was given by the Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Wellington Dias, at the beginning of March.

How will the call be made?

According to official information, a total of 12,000 people will be hired to perform data analysis. Bolsa Familia throughout the country. According to Minister Wellington Dias, beneficiaries who are called and do not attend CRAS will have their benefit blocked.

In particular, families will be invited from this month, giving priority to beneficiaries with disabilities and people over 50 years old.

Moreover, it is important to note that those who are not invited this March may be called to go through a fine comb in the coming months.

Dates, deadlines and times will be set by the CRAS of each municipality, who will also have the autonomy to visit beneficiaries’ homes to verify family registration details.

This way, if they don’t meet the criteria, they will automatically be disqualified from registration Bolsa Familia.

Single parents will be excluded.

The President of the Republic, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, signed Temporary Measure no. Bolsa Familia In this month.

However, due to the fine print of the program, many members of single-parent families worried that they might have suspended allowance.

However, the beneficiaries were given great news. According to the deputy, those who live alone will continue to use the program. In its publication, the government defined a family as “a nucleus consisting of one or more persons who form a household group, reside in the same household, and who contribute to or depend on income for their expenses.”

Therefore, single parents can benefit as long as they meet the necessary requirements. It is important to note that having the right Bolsa Familia, the standards are the same, only with the difference in family incomes. This is because families now only have to submit a per capita household income of up to R$218.

The value of Bolsa Família

Oh Bolsa Familia will be restarted this month and already has the values ​​set. As of March, families will be able to receive up to R$1,062. The high cost is due to the extras that have been implemented in the program.

In particular, the benefit value for all families is set at 600 rubles. However, it is worth noting that the beneficiaries who have committed to the payday loan Aid to Brazil the amounts will be discounted this month so they get less.

To get more than R$ 1 thousand Bolsa Familia, families must meet all premium waiver requirements. The amounts to be paid will be as follows:

  • Official value 600 BRL;
  • BRL 150 for children under 6 years old;
  • BRL 50 for children and youth aged 7 to 18.

According to official information, up to two children under the age of six can accumulate an additional R$150. In addition, an additional amount of R$ 50 can be waived for families with children and youth between 7 and 18 years of age. Bolsa Familia can therefore be issued for R$950.

Also, families can receive the bi-monthly Vale-Gás payment of R$112, paid together with Bolsa Família. In this way, beneficiaries can withdraw up to R$1062.

Payment calendar – March

The Bolsa Família March calendar is defined as follows:

  • 03/20 – NIS 1 Finals
  • 03/21 – NIS 2 Finals
  • 03/22 – NIS 3 Finals
  • 03/23 – NIS 4 Finals
  • 03/24 – NIS 5 Finals
  • 03/27 – NIS 6 Finals
  • 03/28 – NIS 7 Finals
  • 03/29 – NIS 8 Finals
  • 03/30 – NIS 9 Finals
  • 03/31 – NIS 0 final
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