Big discount on PS Plus

It’s not often that we see big promotions for the PS Plus subscription, but this time PlayStation has outdone itself and is offering anywhere from 71 to even 89% off a monthly subscription!

PS Plus with a big promotion

PlayStation has really spoiled players lately. We recently wrote that as part of the PS Plus subscription you will be able to get Horizon Forbidden West for free. Now it turns out that the goodies for PlayStation 5 players don’t end there as the company has prepared a big promotion for PlayStation Plus. We remind you that the service is divided into three different packages and each of them contains different things.

PlayStation subscription promotion is valid for 1 month subscription only. Until March 5, you can buy PS Plus Essential for 4 PLN (regular price is 37 PLN) – thanks to this you will save up to 89%! The same is the case with the Extra version, where the monthly price is only PLN 12 (the standard price is PLN 58), and for Premium you will pay PLN 20 (instead of PLN 70). But importantly, the offer is aimed at people who don’t yet have an active service.

PS Plus Premium Promotion (Source: PlayStation)

PS Plus is chasing Xbox Game Pass

Right now, the PS subscription might not be as good as Xbox Game Pass, but PlayStation’s recent moves will surely increase the popularity of this service. After all, for only 20 PLN we can play, among others: Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Outriders or Destiny 2 Beyond Light!

The cheapest package gives us first of all access to multiplayer mode in many games and free productions every month. Extra and Premium subscriptions will include even more of these games, plus Ubisoft+ Classics and cloud streaming (Premium PS Plus only).

If you don’t already have this service from PlayStation, you can purchase it here, where you can also read more about the terms and conditions and find the full terms and conditions.

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