Big Twitter data leak. Data of hundreds of millions of users

Twitter’s database of 400 million users was allegedly accessed by a hacker using the pseudonym Ryushi. The offer presented on a special forum is a form of blackmail from Elon Musk, from whom the attacker wants to get money.

400 million Twitter users is a huge data leak reports the leak of hundreds of millions of Twitter users’ data. The service informs that a hacker using the pseudonym Ryushi has published a list of several records from Twitter’s database of 400 million.

The leak included real and working phone numbers, which, according to forum users, confirms the “truth” of the massive database Ryushi has.

A few sample accounts found in Ryushi’s database (Source: Niebezpiecnik)

How did a hacker get such a large database on Twitter?

Among the data leaked from Twitter are the user’s email address, name, username, follower count, creation date and phone number. Niebezpieznik points out that most of this data is publicly available on Twitter and can be obtained by scrapping methods.

The other details – the email address and phone number, on the other hand, may come from other leaks online and are related to what Ryushi “took off” from public Twitter. However, there is a chance that the data of 400 million users actually came from a single, controlled leak.

What to do and is there anything to fear?

Even if your data is on the list that Ryushi plans to sell – you don’t really need to do anything. The potential leak of Twitter data is huge, but it does not significantly affect the security of the users concerned.

The hacker does not have the most important element from the database – user passwords. Your email address and phone number are therefore at risk. So if you’re worried about it being used for spam etc – then it’s worth changing both of these details on Twitter.

In any other case – leakage is not dangerous user accounts should remain unaffected. It’s also worth waiting for Elon Musk’s response to the database attack.

Source: Niebezpiecnik

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