BIG WARNING for those who received Bolsonaro’s emergency aid

Several franchises are being released this March. A total of 400,000 Brazilians can still pay off the values ​​this week alone Retrospective emergency aid. Currently, the value of the allowance may vary BRL 600 to BRL 3000.

Oh Ambulance created in 2020 during the pandemic and completed in 2021. However, current payments feedback helpavailable to a specific group of beneficiaries.

Recently the consultation through the benefit Dataprev: has changed. Beneficiaries are currently required to obtain a GOV account to access the statement.

Emergency withdrawal in March

Through a temporary measure, 10,841 single parents who are heads of households were exempted from receiving refunds. Ambulance. It turns out that the group of single parents did not receive double payments of R$ 1,200 during the benefit period, like single mothers.

In particular, after the approval of Precatorios PEC, a total of 4.1 billion rials were provided for installment payments.

Emergency services may be recalled this month. Image: Playing.

The amount each single parent takes out depends on the number of payments they receive Ambulance during its term. It is important to remember that values ​​may vary BRL 600 to BRL 3000. So, check out the payment chart below.

  • Those who received 5 repayments in 2020 (April to August) can opt out BRL 3000;
  • Those who received 4 repayments in 2020 (April to July) can opt out BRL 2400;
  • Those who received 3 repayments in 2020 (April-June) can opt out BRL 1800;
  • Those who received 2 repayments in 2020 (April to May) can opt out BRL 1200;
  • Those who received only 1 installment in 2020 (April only) can opt out BRL 600.

How to consult payment by Dataprev

The procedure is similar to what was done when the program was still running. However, the only difference is that access will now be through a portal Gov.br:. Check it step by step.

  • Access the Dataprev website with the Gov.br login;
  • Complete the field with your Personal Taxpayer Registration (CPF);
  • Your full name; It is
  • Your mother’s full name (or select the “unknown mother” option);
  • Enter your date of birth in the required field;
  • Choose reCAPTCHA to prove you’re human.
  • Click SEND.

Consultation can also be done by phone, at the number 111 of Caixa Econômica..

Bolsa Família will be released for the month of March with an additional amount

payments from Bolsa Familia will start this month, and many families are already looking forward to receiving the extra money. This is because the relaunch of the program will include additional benefits that can reach more than R$900.

In other words, according to official information, about 21 million families will benefit from Bolsa Família this March, receiving an average of R$600 in early childhood benefits.

What additional benefit will be issued in March?

According to official information, one additional allowance will be paid in this month of March along with the minimum amount Bolsa Familia. This is the “Early Childhood Allowance” for families with children under the age of six.

In particular, other additional benefits will be paid to beneficiaries of the program who meet the requirements from June. Check out the extras.

  • Early Childhood Benefitissued in the amount of R$150 for families with children from 0 to six years old. The value can be accumulated by two children, thus reaching R$ 300.
  • Citizenship Income BenefitFree for all family members, R$142 per person.
  • Additional benefitis paid to beneficiaries if the citizenship income benefit is not sufficient to cover the minimum amount of R$600 per family.
  • Variable family allowanceissued to families with pregnant members and/or children aged seven to twelve and/or teenagers aged 12 to 18. Cost: R$ 50 per person.

Payment calendar – March

The Bolsa Família March calendar is defined as follows:

  • 03/20 – NIS 1 Finals
  • 03/21 – NIS 2 Finals
  • 03/22 – NIS 3 Finals
  • 03/23 – NIS 4 Finals
  • 03/24 – NIS 5 Finals
  • 03/27 – NIS 6 Finals
  • 03/28 – NIS 7 Finals
  • 03/29 – NIS 8 Finals
  • 03/30 – NIS 9 Finals
  • 03/31 – NIS 0 final

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