Big Yanosik update. Brings a new look!

The creators of Yanosik have had their hands full lately. They were preparing for a major update to the application, thanks to which it will be even more convenient to use. What is changing?

Janosik changes his appearance

The latest update to one of the most popular driver apps changes its look and features significantly. Some may be surprised at how many metamorphoses she has undergone and… how many shortcuts you managed to cram onto your home screen.

The purpose of Yanosik’s modification was to make it easier to use from a single panel. For this reason, the general appearance of the application has been adapted so that the main screen not only provides information about possible obstacles on the way, but also contains shortcuts to the most frequently used functions.

As Yanosik gradually increases their number, there are also quite a few tiles on the home page. There you will find a map with navigation, an option to buy highway tickets, a list of nearby garages, an option to buy OC/AC insurance, a tariff of fines, offers from Autoplac … Big selection!

(photo by Janosik)

The first users – the satisfied and the less satisfied

On Janosik’s Facebook page, under the surprise post in the form of an app update, the first comments about the changed program interface have already appeared.

Some people praise the decisions made, while others feel a bit overwhelmed with the multitude of features available directly from the home screen. Some people directly say that the application has lost its transparency, and some have a problem with its stable operation at all.

All we have to do is install it on editorial smartphones and see how everything works in the laundry. In the face of such polarized signals, we have to check what it is really about 😉 It is quite possible that you will soon see a short test of the new Yanosik in Tabletowo.

You can download the app from Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.

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