Bikini bottoms are causing quite a stir onlineWorld News 

Bikini bottoms are causing quite a stir online

Social media users were mistaken for a pair of bikini bottoms they said was too revealing. Online retailer Fashion Nova is selling these naughty panties, and the company seems to have a knack for messing with feathers with the clothes they sell.

Underpants, like many garments these days, have little room for imagination and are considered terribly inappropriate — even beachwear.

Bikini bottoms ruffled with a lot of feathers

There’s not much material for bikinis, that’s a fact.

However, the One Fashion Nova bikini may have gone too far with its skimpy design — or at least that’s what social media users say.

The fashion giant is selling swimwear online called the Butterfly Baby Thong Two-Piece Bikini, which retails for $11.99 (200 rand).

On Instagram over the weekend, Fashion Nova shared a photo of a bikini model with the caption:

“Well, that leaves a fun tan trail. ⁠Our bikinis will make everyone feel a little hot this summer.”

While the bikini bra didn’t get any attention, the bottom definitely made the jaw drop.

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made an angry comment

Not many women seem willing to find themselves wearing raunchy swimwear at a public beach or pool anytime soon.

Many said they could be arrested for indecent exposure if they decided to wear a bikini.

“What’s up with this style?!? Might as well get naked,” commented one person.

Another joked:

“Imagine our dad seeing us like this!”

Of course, there are also women who love bikinis and say they will definitely add it to their wardrobe.

Other swimsuit dramas

Earlier this week, a joint company in Durban was also criticized for making their waiters wear bikinis.

Photos of the young ladies in bright orange swimsuits have gone viral online and have divided the country over the over-sexing of young women’s bodies.

Imagine the outrage if they wore this obscene Fashion Nova suit.

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