Binance announces Xabi Lam as ambassadorEnglish 

Binance announces Xabi Lam as ambassador

The partnership aims to expand users’ knowledge of Web3

Binancee has named influential Xabi Lam as a global brand ambassador. In collaboration, he hopes that the Italian-Senegalese content creator, who has recently become the most followed TikTok person in the world, will help expand his knowledge of Web3.

The scammer, who is known for his expressive gesture humor, in which he solves difficult situations without saying a word, will try to use these features to solve misunderstandings about Web3. The influencer will also partner with the brand in exclusive NFT collections.

“I’ve been interested in Web3 for some time և I take this opportunity to work with a leader like Binance, as it is a great match for what I’ve been doing. “Complicated things make it easier and more fun for everyone,” he said in a statement. .

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