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In general, Instagram is usually visited by users via mobile phones or tablets. And like any other app, this one can crash. And one of the most common is known as instagram black. In other words, see how the screen goes completely black when entering the application. That is why from the following lines we will try to help you if you are one of the affected users.

No one avoids it Instagram is one of the most important social networks at the moment. Its growth in the technology sector has not stopped growing. And it’s because new features have been added over the years that have made Instagram an essential part of both companies and resumes. influencers.

Instagram is black with mobile settings

It may seem obvious, but in most cases it is You may have inadvertently set your mobile or tablet to dark mode. This is so you know you’ve chosen your mobile device theme to be light or dark, although it’s also possible to set it to auto, and depending on the time of day, the theme is white or black.

It should be noted that Instagram does not have any option in its settings to select this option. In other words, the tone or background of the subject applications– will be given by the hardware configuration.

Therefore, It will be as easy as going to your mobile device settings and try to reverse this black Instagram we just found when entering the app.

Turn off dark mode on iOS or iPadOS

dark mode iOS iPadOS

If your mobile device is an iPhone or iPad, the solution is simple. First of all you need to go to the icon settings of the team. Once inside, you have to navigate through the various sub-sections until you find the one listed screen and brightness.

Once you’re in, you’ll see that there’s an option to choose the theme’s appearance, light or dark, from various options: font size, bold text, brightness adjustment, and more. Simply you must select the clear option.

Finally tell you that It would be interesting if you turn off the automatic option – the option that allows you to implement this or that option depending on the time of day. This way, you won’t have any surprises, regardless of the time of day.

Turn off dark mode on Android

black instagram on android

If you are one of those who visit Instagram from a computer equipped with the Android operating system, the steps to follow will be very similar to the steps we have shown on iOS/iPadOS. I mean, you should go to settings.

As in the previous case, we will also have to go through the various options and look for the section that refers to the Screen. Once inside you will find ability to enable/disable dark theme.

Be careful, because Android, as you well know, has many versions of the operating system, as well as customizations of the user interface. The latter always depends on the manufacturer. Now, if you’ve really chosen to have a dark theme on your mobile device because you like the way certain apps display, Google has already implemented this option separately in some of its options, such as: Gmail, YouTube, Chrome or Google Play. In all these cases, to activate the dark mode, all you have to do is log into the various apps, go to their settings and select the Themes option. There you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Instagram is black due to lack of connection

Leaving aside the configuration options that both iOS and Android offer us when it comes to customizing our mobile devices, it is also possible that when we enter Instagram and it shows us a black screen, caused by poor internet connection.

In this case, we recommend checking all currently connected wireless connections. That is, both the data network is working properly and we can verify it by trying to browse the web page. Or if our connection is via WiFi, which? the mobile device is actually connected to the router.

In these cases, the solution is easy. turning the equipment off and on. If it is the first case, turning off and turning on the mobile/tablet will be enough. In case the problem is due to the WiFi connection and it is not resolved after turning off/on the mobile, we have to go to reset the router we are using.

Instagram is black due to lack of updates

update instagram

Last but not least, as you know, Having the latest updates will close performance issues as well as potential security bugs. You’ll notice that if you don’t have automatic updates enabled for the various apps you have installed, you’ll need to do them manually. That is, enter you current app store, App Store or Play Store, and update one by one.

Developers release new updates from time to time, especially when it comes to apps that store personal information such as addresses, bank details, phone numbers, etc. Therefore, Instagram is one of those that gets new features and updates. And finding a black Instagram day when you log in may be due to this factor that we are discussing.

On the other hand, it is also true that some applications stop working with some versions of the operating system after some time. This is especially the case with the infinity of Android versions, the abandonment of many Google devices based on this operating system, and various companies that leave their devices without updating after some time. Therefore, make sure your device is updated to the latest version of the operating system. If not, back up and wait for the process to complete before starting the update.

If after all these updates you find that the black Instagram still appears on your computer, we recommend it uninstall the app and reinstall it. We are telling you about this because it is possible that there was an error in the process of updating Instagram that was not noticed by the user and its installation was incomplete.

However, and before going to that last step, if your device is an Android, you can try one last thing before, which is to go to Settings and look for the Applications section and clear the data as well as its cache.

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