Blind people should find it easier to cross the roadEnglish 

Blind people should find it easier to cross the road

There are a number of factors that can be used to determine how friendly a community is to people with disabilities. The municipality of Holzwickede has now made a change to help the visually impaired.

At the intersection of Stehfenstrasse, Rausinger Strasse and Nordstrasse, one of the first systems was installed in Holzwickede that made it easier for the visually impaired to cross the street. © old man

The municipality wants to become more disabled-friendly – and has therefore converted several traffic lights on Holzwickede. This has now been announced by the municipal administration. “While upgrading signaling systems with demanding equipment for visually impaired road users, the existing signal planning had to be revised so that acoustic and tactile release signals could be provided on demand and waiting times for pedestrians could to be optimized,” according to the municipal administration.

The technology was deployed at the intersection of Rausingerstrasse, Nordstrasse and Stehfenstrasse and at the intersection between Opherdicker Strasse and Hauptstrasse. According to the administration, the signaling systems have been equipped with modern devices that have a large push button for sighted road users and a hidden button at the bottom for visually impaired road users.

In addition, according to the standard, speakers were installed to emit the orientation and clearance signal. All request devices have an optical confirmation on top, which turns on and off in parallel with “Please wait” on the signal generator.

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