Blindada despairs when she sees her husband dead after an exchange of fire with the police: “he killed my love”; watch the video

By writing 5 March 3, 2023 at 12:08 p.m

Brazil – A 25-year-old man, identified as John Mayque da Silva Mariano, died after an exchange of fire with civilian police in the Boa Vista II district, in the municipality of Jaguaré, in the northern region of Espírito Santo. His partner then was still trying to settle with the police, even though he knew bofe was wrong and a criminal. The incident happened in the afternoon last Wednesday (1st).

Watch the video:

According to police information, the team went to the scene and encountered Jhon Mayque who fled to a pepper plantation, not far from the place, while he was shooting at the police.

After that, a chase began, which culminated in a physical confrontation between one of the police officers and the suspect. During the confrontation, the policeman reacted and fired a shot that killed the young man.

After the incident, the police officer was treated for head and shoulder injuries and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Also according to information from the PC, a gun and a large amount of drugs were found with the accused. Mladic’s body was sent to the Forensic Medical Service (SML) of Linhares.

As the Civil Police announced, the young man had passes for drug resale, association for resale and was part of a criminal organization in the region. In addition, he was investigated as a possible perpetrator of a double murder earlier this year.

The Folha Vitória Report contacted John Mayque’s family but did not receive a response. The article will be updated as soon as they respond.

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