Blizzard will not repeat old mistakes. WoW Dragonflight with concrete plans for 2023

General changes and novelties he intends to introduce to World of Warcraft Dragonflight 2023. These include, among other things, trading posts, a megadungeon or new stories and missions.

planning the next road&egon; after the release of Dragonflight, we were aware that we owed it to gamers to take care of this colorful world and, frankly, we must act even better than we did in the past. Our aim is that there is always something waiting around the corner in Dragonflight, with new updates hitting the test servers soon after the previous ones have found their way; się in your hands” – we read in the official statement.

For next year, Blizzard plans 6 &lstrokeswhich you will find evenly distributed in time. Among them we will find two main updates – with new zones, raids and seasonal rewards, but there will be a tail between them; Even smaller patches bring new events, system changes or missions that are prologues or epilogues to the larger Skalę adventures.


At the very beginning of the year, we can expect update 10.0.5, including the Trading Post system, that is, retail outlets where we can buy cosmetic items, including those of the usual quality, which can be useful for transmogorification. Next in sequence is &lstroka;tka 10.0.7 with new story quests and repeatable quests in Forbidden Reach. Between Spring and Summer there will be a big update 10.1 with a new zone, raid, PvP sessions, now a dungeon pool, competition update and interface fixes.

Summer and Fall are the next two updates that bring a megadungeon, new world map events, content system fixes, story missions & new holiday events. The plan closes with Update 10.2 starting with Season 3 and adding another zone, raids and dungeons. Expect this &lstroka; at the end of next year.

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