BLM to burn slash piles in Lander, Worland and Cody areas

The Wind River/Bighorn Basin District Bureau of Land Management tentatively plans to burn slash piles in the Cody, Lander and Worland areas this fall and winter. These hair burns will reduce the accumulated slash from previous mechanical thinning projects.

Combustion of piles is conditioned by the moisture content of the fuel and the weather meeting the relevant site treatment conditions. Smoke may be visible from surrounding areas during pile burning and days after the material is consumed.

These projects can take place from mid-October to April at the following locations:

Lander Field Office:

  • Green Mountain: About 100 acres of piles will be focused about 26 miles southeast of Jeffrey City on the south slope of Green Mountain.
  • Long Creek: About 20 miles southeast of Riverton on Long Creek Mountain and Tin Cup Mountain, approximately 75 acres of piles will be targeted.

Worland Branch:

  • Sand Draw: Approximately 5 acres of piles 5 miles east of Ten Sleep will be worked in one day.
  • Northern Brokenback: Approximately 5 acres of piles will be treated 10 miles northeast of Ten Sleep over the course of one day

Cody Field Office:

  • Bear Creek: Approximately 15 acres of piles will be targeted 10 miles north of Shell on the western slope of the Bighorn Mountains.
  • Rattlesnake Mountain: Approximately 120 acres of piles will be focused 11 miles northwest of Cody on Rattlesnake Mountain.

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