Blue Jays’ Alek Manoah jokes about dust with Red Sox hitters

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Manoah gave up one run in six innings, striking out seven Red Sox hitters to lead the Blue Jays to a 4-1 victory on Saturday.

Alek Manoah was ecstatic after his strong game against the Red Sox on Saturday. AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Blue Jays pitcher Alek Manoah was certainly loud in the final at-bats of his start Saturday against the Red Sox.

The right-hander struck out three consecutive Red Sox hitters after giving up one to Alex Verdugo to start the sixth inning and kept the Blue Jays’ lead at 3-1. Manoah needed just three pitches to get Xander Bogaerts out, forcing the shortstop to feel an inside change for the third strike.

Manoah struck out Franchy Corder on an inside slider in the next batter. After winning the five-pitch battle, Manoah appeared to mutter some words to himself on the mound, causing Cordero to stare in his direction. When Manoah saw Cordero coming at him, he told Cordero to “sit down [expletive] down.”

Bobby Dalbec, who hit Manoah in the second inning, threw two fastballs before seeing a third fastball fall into the zone for a third strike, ending the inning. Manoah looked toward Dalbec and the Red Sox ballpark, beating his chest with his glove and bending slightly before heading toward the Blue Jays ballpark.

Dalbec seemed to accept what Manoah had done, turning to say something to the pitcher. Manoah turned to Dalbec and said “sit down [expletive] as a pair of Blue Jays teammates ushered him into the dugout before things escalated further.

Manoah joked about his exchange with Dalbec after the game.

“I think I said, ‘Let’s go get BioSteel.’ He says, ‘No, I’m going to get some Gatorade.’ So I said, ‘No, you have to sit down.’ I’m going to get some BioSteel,” Manoah, who recently signed with BioSteel, jokingly told reporters.

For Red Sox manager Alex Cora, Manoah’s goofing was just his team being served a piece of humble pie. The Red Sox have lost four in a row, three of which were by double digits. Saturday’s loss also meant the Red Sox will be without a streak against an AL East opponent this season.

“No one will feel sorry for us. He showed that today, didn’t he?” Cora said. “In the sixth inning, he was looking in the dugout, screaming at us, and yeah, here we are.

Manoah, 24 years old and pitching in his first major league season, has a fiery style that has brought him success against the Red Sox. He is 3-0 in five career starts against Boston, has a 1.74 ERA and has struck out 29 Red Sox hitters over 31 innings.

Manoah especially explained why he was so fiery on Saturday.

“Just competitive baseball, man,” Manoah said. “It’s hot baseball. Those guys are trying to do everything they can to win, we’re trying to do the same on our end. I was pretty stoked going into the game and that we were able to win.

“My competitiveness is something I know I can control. So for me, being able to show that I’m competitive, having that will to win, expecting nothing less, is basically what I try to do every day.”

Blue Jays interim manager John Schneider showed appreciation for his young All-Star approach to the game.

“We all know he’s an emotional guy and I think that’s what makes him elite, the way he competes,” Schneider said. “When guys are comfortable, that’s their best version [and fired-up] is when he is comfortable.

“We saw it at the All-Star game. He is a great personality and it is a fine line of competition, sportsmanship and playing spirit. Today, as the game goes, guys will celebrate when they do well, either offensively or on the mound. I was good with it.”

The struggling Sox will take on the Jays once again to avoid losing the series on Sunday. He will go against Ross Stripling, who is 5-3 with a 3.03 ERA this season, while he will have rookie Bryan Bell fighting for his third major league hit.

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