BLUETTI AC500 is now available on the official store

BLUETTI managed to raise $11 million on Indiegogo to launch the AC500 model, breaking the company’s own history record. The AC500 and B300S expansion battery arrived in the official store on November 18.a really special date for being a really highly anticipated product by consumers.

Sharing many things with the first BLUETTI AC300 modular modelThe AC500 goes further with many improvements that put it at the forefront of the solar generator market. It promises great performance and adds enough power to power the various devices connected to it.

Specifications of BLUETTI AC500


1. The AC500 is 100% modular and compatible with B300 batteries. and B300S, giving up to 18,432 Wh of high power.

2. It has a 5,000W inverter (10,000W overload) to power most of your home electronics.

3. Connection with at least 2 B300S batteries and charging via AC and PV at the same time it will allow a maximum power of 8000 watts. Charging from 0 to 100% takes only 1.8 to 2.3 hours, which significantly saves charging time, being the most efficient on the market.

4. It has different charging modes, so you can choose one or the other depending on what suits you.

5. Includes advanced BMS and LFP batterywhich provides greater safety and increased useful life compared to other batteries on the market.

6. With the Fusion Box Pro (sold separately), you can add the power of two AC500s split phase connection function, voltage and power increase to 36,864 Wh, 240 V/6,000 W.

7. You can control this device through BLUETTI APP for Android and iOS.

8. Weight/DimensionsIt weighs about 30 kg, while its dimensions are 520 × 325 × 358 mm.

This system The AC500 accepts a select LiFePO4 battery for long-term durability and more than 3,500 charge cycles at 80% of its capacity. Compared to the lithium-ion battery used in most power plants and power banks today, the LiFePO4 battery type offers optimal performance, guaranteeing a life of more than 10 years. It is certainly one of the things that has been done to ensure that any customer has power, be it at home or in the office.

BLUETTI’s commitment to renewable energy

BLUETTI is determined to build a future with renewable energy and provide an economical solution for using solar energy. It includes one of the most important MPPT solar inverters, The AC500 allows a maximum of 3000W of solar power. So charging the AC500 and B300S at 3072Wh from 0 to 80% in the sun will only take 1.5 hours. If there is sunlight, there will be an unlimited supply of energy.

When considering backup power in case of emergencies or any unexpected power outages, It doesn’t get any better than the AC500. The modular AC500 supports up to 6 B300 batteries for a total of 18,432 Wh. Plus, thanks to the Fusion Box Pro, two AC500s can be connected together, boasting up to 240V/6000W and 36,864Wh of power, making it a powerful power hub to run for days or weeks. Creating a solar system with compatible panels can be independent of electricity, as unlimited energy supply will be available for the whole house, can be outside, travel on the road and have a party with stereos, among others;

AC500 advanced technology


The manufacturer has always used advanced technologies to improve the user experience. the same applies to the AC500 model. The BLUETTI application will allow anyone at home to monitor energy consumption, check if it is working and update the firmware by connecting to it from almost anywhere.

The BLUETTI AC500 won’t take too long to charge. The AC500 can be charged using AC, solar, generator, dual or triple lead acid battery charging methods. A wall outlet and solar panels will be able to efficiently and quickly charge the AC500 with a maximum output of 8000W.

Charging time for an AC500 with two B300S is as follows:

– 3000W MPPT solar charging: 2.5 hours
– AC 5000W charging: 1.7 hours
– Dual charging 8000W AC+PV: 1.2 hours

All in all, it is really short time to have autonomy and use the same in any case. The B300S expansion battery comes with capacity Smart self-heating that immediately and actively heats up even when the ambient temperature is -20 degrees. The AC500 system will continue to respond and function efficiently in those cold and wet areas during the winter.

Prices and availability

AC500+B300S is available in the official store from November 18. The AC500 debuts at €2,899 and the B300S at €2,799.while the price of the AC500+B300S combo is only 5,699 euros.

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