BLUETTI AC500 now available for purchase on the official website

The BLUETTI company managed to reach the expected value, 11 million dollars on the Indiegogo page, reaching a record in the company’s history. The AC500 and the B300S expansion battery thus managed to reach the official store on November 18th at a really competitive price.

There is a certain parallelism with the BLUETTI AC300 modular model, the AC500 has many improvements that will put you at the forefront of the solar generator market. It is one of the generational models that promise to conquer a market in which there will be no competition, seeing technology and power.

AC500 performance features

Bluetti AC500-2

1. The AC500 is 100% modular and compatible with B300 batteries. and B300Stherefore, it will provide a high capacity of up to 18,432 Wh.

2. It has a 5000W inverter (up to 10000W overhead) to cover any power needs in most cases, saving some electronic products at home.

3. Connection with at least 2 BLUETTI B300S batteries and charging via AC and PV simultaneously will allow a maximum input of 8,000W. Charging from 0 to 100% will take 1.8 to 2.3 hours, which significantly saves charging time, thus eliminating current competitors in the market.

4. Add nine available charging ways, just choose the one you want.

5. Incorporates an advanced BMS and LFP batterywith which it promises to guarantee greater safety and a longer useful life than the others.

6. Split phase link function, connect two AC500 to double the capacity, the voltage and wattage is increased to 36,864 Wh, 240V/6,000W, this requires a Fusion Box Pro and is sold separately).

7. Monitor and control from the BLUETTI app for Android and iOS. You can enjoy the latest firmware by OTA update via WiFi from time to time.

8. weight/dimensions: Its weight is about 30 kg, while its dimensions are 520 × 325 × 358 mm.

BLUETTI AC500 will adopt LiFePO4 battery, which is selected for durability in the long run, with over 3500 charge cycles at 80% capacity. Compared to the Li-Ion battery used by most of today’s switches and power banks, the LiFePO4 battery type offers much better performance, lasting more than 10 years in continuous use by the customer.

BLUETTI’s commitment to renewable energies

The company has invested in renewable energies and has dedicated itself to building a better future, which is why it presents a very economical solar energy solution, thinking of each of its customers. Incorporates in the AC500 a unique MPPT solar inverterThis allows for solar input of up to 3,000 W maximum. Not surprisingly, recharging the AC500 and B300S’s 3072Wh from zero to 80% SOC with exposure to sunlight takes just about 1.5 hours. As long as there is light, there will be unlimited energy.

It will allow you to use any device at any time., including those where we don’t have light at home or in the office. There is no better option if you want to have a backup in any of the areas, powering any of the electrical appliances, fridge, computer, washing machine and others for many hours.

This model, the modular AC500, will support a total of six BLUETTI B300 batteries for a total capacity of 18,432 Wh. Thanks to Fusion Box Pro, with the option to connect up to two sets AC500 to have an output of up to 240V/6000W and a capacity of 36,864 Wh, being an important energy center for important household elements to work for days and even weeks. Creating the system with compatible solar panels is able to achieve energy independence, having an unlimited supply of energy that will always be available for home, living in the countryside, camping, traveling from one city to another and even sleeping outdoors.

BLUETTI, at the forefront of technology

Bluetooth AC500

Advanced technologies are always used, giving the user what is most modern. BLUETTI with the app allows each user to control and monitor energy consumption at any time, checking the status and functioning, having the option to update the firmware via OTA to the latest version at any time, even if you are out and about.

Charging this power point won’t take long. The BLUETTI AC500 will use different charging modes including AC, solar, generator, lead-acid, double or triple charging. Connection to the wall and solar panels, being able to charge the AC500 efficiently and quickly with a maximum input of 8000W.

AC500 charging time with two B300Sis one of the references:

– 3000W MPPT solar charging: 2.5 hours
– AC 5000W charge: 1.7 hours
– 8000W AC+PV dual charge: 1.2 hours.

Winter solar charging time may be a little longer, although you have more options for this. The B300S expansion battery comes with intelligent self-heating capability so that it can be used immediately and activated even when the ambient temperature is around -20℃. Thanks to this, the AC500 system continues to function normally during autumn and cold winter.

Availability and prices

The AC500+B300S is now available in the official store, starting November 18th. The debut price of the AC500 is €2,899 and the B300S is €2,799, while the AC500+B300S combo costs around €5,699🇧🇷

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