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Bob Odenkirk. Thanks for the sympathy after the heart attack

Bob Odenkirk
Grateful for compassion after a heart attack

A wave of sympathy washed over him, Bob Odenkirk recalls.

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Bob Odenkirk remembers the dramatic experience on Twitter a year after his heart attack and is, above all, grateful.

It’s been a year since Bob Odenkirk (59) suffered a heart attack on the set of “Better Call Saul.” On Twitter, the actor remembers the dramatic day and thanks his fans. “Thank you, whoever you are.” Audenkirk begins his tweet. A year ago, he “flirted” with death for a short time, which gave him a “wave of good will and warmth”. “I will forever feel unworthy of this. I too will always be grateful and try to pass it on. Thank you. No answer needed.”

Recently, in an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, Odenkirk confirmed how grateful he is for the sympathy of many people. If you can get one good thing out of this, it might be that “other people over 50 see their doctor and maybe get their heart checked twice.”

No memory of the day

Odenkirk collapsed on the set of Better Call Saul in July 2021 while filming “Point and Shoot”, the eighth episode of the sixth season. He later revealed that he owed his life to the people on the set who acted quickly. She doesn’t remember the day it happened or the week and a half that followed, she told People magazine in April. About a month after the incident, he returned to filming.


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