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Bolsonaro calls on the presidents of the courts to meet about the elections

Photo: Isak Nobrega/PR

president Jair Bolsonaro (photo) a meeting is scheduled for next Monday (18). ambassadors to raise doubts about Security of Brazil’s Electoral Process. Bolsonaro also named, according to O Globo presidents of higher courts for the meeting.

Ministers are on the guest list Louis Fuchswhich presides over the STF, and Edson Fach, from TSE. They did not confirm their presence.

Bolsonaro announced live last week that he would summon all foreign ambassadors Claiming the fragility of electronic voting machines and pointing out shortcomings in the performance of the three TSC ministers (Edson Fachin, Luis Roberto Barroso and Alexander de Moraes).

The initiative was taken Planalto Palace and not from Itamarat. the chancellor Carlos France must also participate.

Also live, Bolsonaro said he would present the election results 2014, 2018 and 2020. Presidential aides told a Rio de Janeiro newspaper that the president wanted to show the legislation and “Protection of clean elections”..

The president, tireless in pushing the same key, insists on questioning Brazil’s electoral process, even without evidence.

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